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MacDonald, Greg

Greg MacDonald, Ph.D.
Professor of Agronomy and Weed Science
Phone: +1 (352) 294-1594
Fax: +1 (352) 392-1840
3105 McCarty Hall B
Agronomy Department
Gainesville, FL USA 32611


University of Florida Professor Greg MacDonald is the Lead Scientist for the 'Haiti Peanut Value Chain Interventions' project. He also collaborates on research for the 'Ghana Peanut Value Chain Interventions', 'Peanut Varietal Development', and 'Southern Africa Peanut Value Chain Interventions' projects.

Current Research Projects

Ghana Peanut Value Chain Interventions

Haiti Peanut Value Chain Interventions

Peanut Varietal Development

Southern Africa Peanut Value Chain Interventions

Research Location


Previous Research Projects

Development of the Peanut Sector for Guyana and Selected Caribbean Countries (2012)

Development of Sustainable Peanut Production Technologies For Amerindian Villages in the Rupununi Region of Guyana

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