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As students complete the next stage of their education, they move into the group of alumni. Some plan to go to work in the private sector, some intend to teach, and still others hope to continue with another degree.

Name: Sylvia Baah-Tuahene
Nationality: Ghanaian
Degree: M.Phil. - Food Science, 2015
Institution: University of Ghana
"I hope that my research work can be applied in safe peanut processing.

Name: Yaa Asantewaa Kafui Klu
Nationality: Ghanaian
Degree: Ph.D. - Food Science, 2014
Institution: University of Georgia
"I want to be a professor and mentor other young women.

Name: Chrissie Thakwalakwa
Nationality: Malawian
Degree: Ph.D., 2015
Institution: University of Tampere