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Peanut Lab

With new grant, UGA-based peanut lab continues work to fight hunger worldwide.

Author: Published 01/25/2018
Peanut Code

Future peanuts promise improved nutrition and flavor, greater yields, less disease pressure.

Author: Published 01/03/2018
Borlaug Fellowship

Daniel Mwalwayo has spent most of his professional career working to ensure a safe food supply in his home country of Malawi.

Author: Published 05/15/2017
Graduate Student Travel Awards

CAES graduate students traveled the globe this summer studying everything from peanut farming to vampire bats.

Author: Published 09/08/2016
International Peanut Farmers

UGA-based peanut lab helping to improve peanut yields and lives in Mozambique.

Author: Published 08/25/2016
Plant Pathology Abroad

Fulmer works with other researchers for the Peanut & Mycotoxin Innovation Lab project in Haiti.

Author: Published 06/06/2016
International Development

Economist Nick Magnan is working with Heifer International and the Feed the Future Peanut Mycotoxin and Improvement Laboratory

Author: Published 10/02/2015
Haiti Visit

Researchers in UGA and Haiti are working together to build an improved food system.

Author: Published 06/24/2015
PMIL Meeting

More than 35 international scientists come to Georgia to plan worldwide peanut projects.

Author: Published 08/22/2014

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