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Proposal reviews

The Peanut Innovation Lab management team met with External Advisory Panel members in a retreat last week to discuss priorities for the first projects funded by the program.

Author: Published 05/18/2018
Peanut IL tweaks RFP

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Peanut has dropped a request that project proposals initially explain how they will use outputs from commissioned projects, since the details of those commissioned projects are not yet available.

Author: Published 04/05/2018
Project RFPs

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Peanut Research is calling for concept notes in two Areas of Inquiry: varietal development and value-added gains.

Author: Published 03/15/2018
Celebrating global food security

An event scheduled for next week in Washington D.C. will highlight the innovation labs' role in global food security and the University of Georgia's part in that work.

Author: Published 03/15/2018
Peanut Lab

With new grant, UGA-based peanut lab continues work to fight hunger worldwide.

Author: Published 01/25/2018
Peanut Code

Future peanuts promise improved nutrition and flavor, greater yields, less disease pressure.

Author: Published 01/03/2018
Borlaug Fellowship

Daniel Mwalwayo has spent most of his professional career working to ensure a safe food supply in his home country of Malawi.

Author: Published 05/15/2017
Ghanaian farmers honored

The Ghanaian government honored farmers in the small village of Dagomba for their willingness to learn new best practices and teach others.

Author: Published 02/17/2017
Graduate Student Travel Awards

CAES graduate students traveled the globe this summer studying everything from peanut farming to vampire bats.

Author: Published 09/08/2016
International Peanut Farmers

UGA-based peanut lab helping to improve peanut yields and lives in Mozambique.

Author: Published 08/25/2016

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