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September 2017


·     Georgia Peanut Tour welcomes delegation from Malawi

·      PMIL program reaches official end

·      PMIL student takes faculty post at home in Ethiopia





August 2017


·     Field Days give Ugandan farmers hope in disease-resistant varieties

·      PMIL debuts new infographic on the household impact of peanuts

·      Mozambican researchers return to national program with grad degrees




July 2017


·      Extension agent takes hiatus to research farmers' questions

·      Adding a step to processing could improve the safety of peanut flour

·      Malawian students present at APRES





June 2017


·      Gimode works in the genetics lab to improve farmers’ results in the field

·      Testing drying methods, Chimbaza looks for key to quality peanuts

·      Biochar nearly doubles peanut yield in Ngulube’s research





May 2017


·      Brandenburg: PMIL research benefits farmers at home, as well as abroad

·      Peanuts growing all around, Abubakari focuses on processing

·      Knowing connection between drought, pests and aflatoxin empowers farmers



April 2017


·      Malawian PhD student working on peanut beverage at UGA

·      Finding the needle in the haystack: Refining the way we look for aflatoxin

·      Ugandan student researches best drying technique for quality peanuts



March 2017


·      Jordan helping peanut farmers from North Carolina to Ghana

·      Darko hopes her Ph.D. will inspire other Ghanaian women

·      PMIL partner, MFK, gives seed to Haitian farmers after Hurricane Matthew





February 2017


·      Recognized for their innovation, Ghanaian farmers share lessons

·      Researching the link between oil processing and aflatoxin carryover

·      Training peanut flour processors in pursuit of food safety in Malawi



January 2017


·      2016 is in the book

·      Success of Ghana value chain: Linking farm income and food safety

·      University of Zambia students researching new peanut butters



November 2016


·      Training helps peanut butter-maker get onto store shelves

·      Success of SNP: Genomics work one highlight of 2016

·      Give input on Feed the Future focus countries