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Sally Wells

Sally Wells
International Agriculture Day guest speaker on 04/16/2014

Lecture: "Fighting Global Hunger and Natural Disasters with Peanuts"

About the speaker

Sally Wells is a native of Colquitt, Georgia, who grew up on a cattle farm but has spent her entire career in the peanut industry. She graduated from Valdosta State with a major in Speech Communications and immediately began working for a local peanut Sheller in Colquitt, Georgia. She later worked for Tri-State America and Seabrook Peanut Company, before joining Birdsong Peanuts as Logistic Manager. During her career, she served on many committees for the American Peanut Sheller’s Association, served on the steering committee for the Georgia FOODPAC, and is the current Vice Chairman of The Peanut Institute. She is a charter member of Peanut Proud, the peanut industry’s humanitarian organization, active in both domestic and international efforts to use peanuts to address human health issues that occur during natural disasters as well working to alleviate chronic hunger and malnourishment.

She is active in local civic activities and church ministries and is a recent graduate of the Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership. She resides in Colquitt, Georgia, with her husband, Penn Wells, and visits her four beautiful grandkids in Portland, Oregon.

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