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Extension County Operations

Information for UGA Extension Personnel

This site is intended to be a central source of information for all county Extension faculty and staff as well as the district offices.

REPORTING INJURIES AND OTHER INCIDENTS: Download the "Quick Guide to Reporting Injuries & Other Incidents" for finding quick answers to questions such as: When do I file an injury report? Incident Report? Where are these forms? Where do they go? This quick guide walks you through the process and gives quick links to the proper forms or reporting site.

Extension Conference 2016

For more information on the Extension Conference 2016, visit the website.

Faculty/Staff reorganized into the new "Office of Learning & Organizational Development." This office (OLOD) is being created to serve and support functions of UGA Extension and the College Agricultural & Environmental Sciences. This support unit will strengthen and enhance the academic and scholarly work of the entire Extension organization by focusing on overall program development, staff development and leadership development and will provide training and support in all of these areas. In addition, this unit will house the expertise to manage and use data collected for reporting and impact demonstration. See "OLOD" for a quick reference to the members and how they can help you.

2015 Departmental/Unit Reports: During Cooperative Extension 2015 Program Planning Week each department and support unit submitted an annual update. These reports have been compiled into a single document. Review the "2015 Departmental/Unit Reports" to learn about new faculty, major accomplishments, new initiatives and other 2015 news.


We are committed to providing you an efficient way to access the information you need to do your job effectively. We have provided information that is applicable to the new Extension employee as well as those who have many years of experience. We have also provided information that is specifically designed for County Extension Coordinators.

If you know of additional information you would like to see posted or if you have any suggestions to improve this resource, please let us know.

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