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Cotton Outlook

Cotton acreage to decrease this year to due to estimated high peanut prices.

Author: Published 03/14/2017
Crop Inputs

Expenses like seed costs, fertilizer treatments and fuel need to be calculated before planting season begins.

Author: Published 02/28/2017
Exchange Program

Attending a semester of classes at ETH Zürich, a university in Switzerland, was exciting, cost-effective and challenging for Caroline Phillips.

Author: Published 02/24/2017
Flavor of Georgia Deadline

Georgia food entrepreneurs have less than a week to enter the state's premier food product contest.

Author: Published 02/01/2017
2017 Ag Forecast

Tried and True: Georgia farmers will continue to raise poultry, grow cotton and peanuts

Author: Published 01/27/2017
Ag Forecast 2017

UGA's Ag Forecast heads to Macon, Marietta, Carrollton, Tifton, Bainbridge, Lyons, Waynesboro and Athens in January 2017

Author: Published 11/30/2016
Flavor of Georgia 2017

Flavor of Georgia Food Product contest opens it's registration for the 2017 contest on Nov. 14.

Author: Published 11/14/2016
FABricate Challenge

CAES is looking for new ideas to help feed the world; students challenged to develop new ag technologies, new food products and new business ideas.

Author: Published 08/18/2016
2016 CAES Congressional Fellows

This summer, seven CAES students will get a behind-the-scenes look at the policies that impact agriculture.

Author: Published 05/26/2016
Graduate Awards Night

UGA CAES awarded graduate students at the 2016 Graduate Student Recognition Reception.

Author: Published 05/18/2016

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