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Safe Birds

Avian influenza detected in Tennessee commercial poultry flock.

Author: Published 03/09/2017
2017 Ag Forecast

Tried and True: Georgia farmers will continue to raise poultry, grow cotton and peanuts

Author: Published 01/27/2017
Poultry Outreach

Even in retirement, UGA poultryman working to improve the lives of poultry farmers.

Author: Published 12/21/2016
Safe Holiday Bird

Turkeys can be roasted, grilled, smoked and deep fried.

Author: Published 12/14/2016
5586 Faculty Travel Grants

CAES' Office of Global Programs works with faculty to build a network of international partnerships.

Author: Published 12/02/2016
Turkey Cooking

Remember to remove giblets and hock lock before cooking a turkey.

Author: Published 11/21/2016
Energy Efficiency

Georgia poultry producers should be mindful that solar panels are not cost-effective for everyone.

Author: Published 11/17/2016
D.W. Brooks Lecture and Awards

D.W. Brooks Lecture and Awards ceremony honors the work of UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences faculty and staff and challenges them to help end childhood hunger .

Author: Published 11/09/2016

Poultry feed app aims to improve the health of small flocks around the world.

Author: Published 09/14/2016
Graduate Student Travel Awards

CAES graduate students traveled the globe this summer studying everything from peanut farming to vampire bats.

Author: Published 09/08/2016

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