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Spring gardening 2017

Published on 03/09/2017

Gardening can be fun for all ages. Whether you're a novice at putting your plants in the ground, or you're an expert who loves the challenge of making things grow, every one can use advice. This collection of spring gardening articles from University of Georgia experts is sure to provide timely advice on a wide range of topics, like potatoes, tomatoes and irrigation. These articles are written by for Georgians with scientific advice from researchers within the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Happy gardening!

Plant Destroyers Fences, pie pans and repellents are a few things that can deter deer. 1C53 Published January 09, 2017Author:

As counties across Georgia continue to develop, wildlife habitats are disturbed and destroyed. This drives deer, and other wildlife, into home landscapes, where they feast on plants. Deterring them can be a challenge.

December Climate Georgia's unseasonably warm December brought needed rainfall to some parts of the state but left other areas dry. Published January 09, 2017Author:

While the rain in December 2016 eliminated abnormally dry conditions along the Georgia coast and reduced drought conditions in southern Atlanta and south Georgia, only limited relief was seen in north Georgia.

Georgia Drought Wet, wintry conditions should provide relief from Georgia drought. Published January 05, 2017Author:

Welcome rains during December 2016 and the first week of 2017 are providing hope for Georgia farmers looking for relief from a statewide severe drought, according to Pam Knox, University of Georgia agricultural climatologist and UGA Cooperative Extension specialist.

Deadnettle's Not Dead Lamium comes in close to 30 varieties that grow well in a large part of the U.S. Published January 04, 2017Author:

January is typically a self-induced holding pattern when it comes to gardening. But if you find that you failed to get cool-season containers planted, then take advantage of fresh shipments of pansies, violas, petunias, dianthus and all the other component plants, like lamiums, as they arrive at your garden center.

Peanut Farm Show UGA seminar to focus mainly on water issues in peanut production. Published January 04, 2017Author:

The Georgia Peanut Farm Show is set for Thursday, Jan. 19, at 8:30 a.m. at the University of Georgia Tifton Campus Conference Center in Tifton, Georgia.

Rock Eagle History Beloved 4-H camp's history documented in 900-page book. Published January 04, 2017Author:

A newly published history of Rock Eagle 4-H Center, “Rock Eagle: Centerpiece of Georgia 4-H,” details how the camp grew into a place where millions of past Georgia 4-H’ers and unknown numbers of future 4-H members create lifelong memories.

GrassMasters New knowledge, new techniques offered to Georgia forage producers at UGA Extension GrassMasters. Published January 04, 2017Author:

Facing severe drought and hay shortages, northeast Georgia cattle farmers were as eager as anyone to see 2016 in the rearview mirror.

Healthy Resolutions UGA Extension expert offers simple steps for a better diet in 2017. Published January 03, 2017Author:

The calendar has rolled over, so what better time than the present to start setting some new nutrition goals for 2017?

Obesity Prevention Calhoun and Taliaferro counties, two Georgia counties with the highest obesity rates in the state, will use the grant to combat obesity. Published December 30, 2016 4FD2 Author:

University of Georgia Cooperative Extension has been instrumental in helping two Georgia counties secure funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to combat obesity.

Organization Time From the kitchen cabinets to the medicine cabinets, out-of-date products should be discarded. Published December 29, 2016Author:

January signals the beginning of a new year and provides a natural opportunity to accomplish several crucial organizational tasks. Eliminate clutter in your home by discarding or donating unused items.

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