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Holiday Season 2017

Published on 11/16/2017

Celebrate the holidays with the writers and experts from UGA Cooperative Extension and the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. With tips on everything from cooking the turkey to natural holiday decorations, we're committed to putting Georgia in the holiday spirit. 

Panicle Hydrangeas Panicle hydrangeas are smaller and have more flowers than their mophead cousins. Published August 10, 2017Author:

Everyone who visits the Coastal Georgia Botanical Garden at the Historic Bamboo Farm in Savannah loves the hydrangea paniculatas. Plant them against a backdrop of deep green garden foliage or combine them with cottage garden plants like rudbeckias. Bees, butterflies, wasps and giant flies will be drawn to ‘Chantilly Lace’ or ‘Pinky Winky.' 

New Faculty Tour Tour stops at UGA Griffin and Tifton campuses. Published August 10, 2017Author:

Agriculture — Georgia’s top industry — was featured prominently this week at stops on the University of Georgia Griffin and Tifton campuses during the university’s annual New Faculty Tour.

Screen Time Make babysitters aware of expectations for children's screen times. Published August 09, 2017Author:

Babysitters are no strangers to learning nap time, homework time and meal time quirks. As children gain more access to technology, parents should also share their screen time expectations with babysitters.

Cyberbullying Parents need to prepare to equip teens to be resilient and kind while online. Published August 09, 2017Author:

Teenagers spend a lot of time online. Social media activity carries clout among teens, and can empower cyberbullies, which is why parents should be prepared to help their children cope with social pressures online.

Mosquito Precautions Mosquito season is peaking in Georgia. Published August 09, 2017Author:

School is back in session in many Georgia systems. It may seem like summer is coming to a close, but peak summer mosquito season is just starting.

Spalding FACS Agent After two decades, Spalding County finally welcomes Family and Consumer Sciences Extension agent to community. Published August 08, 2017Author:

For the past 20 years, Spalding County has been without a University of Georgia Extension Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) agent. Sweda filled that gap last December when she joined the local Extension staff. Wade Hutcheson, coordinator of the Spalding County Extension office, said the position was eliminated during a time period when the state was undergoing drastic budget cuts.

Georgia's Corn Crop If and when to irrigate are important decisions growers will make in preparation for harvest season. Published August 08, 2017Author:

Yields similar to previous years’ are expected for this year’s Georgia corn crop. Yields from irrigated acres are expected to be lower than normal, while yields from dryland acres are expected to be better than normal, according to University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agronomists.

Reagan Noland New Extension agronomist is responsible for commodities with farm gate value of more than $450 million. Published August 08, 2017Author:

Reagan Noland, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension’s newest agronomist, specializes in corn, soybean and small grains like wheat, oats, barley and rye. These commodities have a combined Georgia farm gate value of almost $450 million.

Native Plant Garden UGA Extension Master Gardener Volunteers move garden from college to museum site. Published August 03, 2017Author:

The Native Plant Garden at the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon, Georgia, once thrived on the campus of Wesleyan College. A group of University of Georgia volunteers relocated it so that visitors to the museum can learn about native plants.

Eclipse Safety Eye safety is paramount when enjoying a solar eclipse. Published August 03, 2017Author:

On the afternoon of Aug. 21, Georgians will have the opportunity to share in the experience of seeing the summer afternoon sky darken as the moon’s shadow covers the sun, and they are excited.

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