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Holiday Season 2017

Published on 11/16/2017

Celebrate the holidays with the writers and experts from UGA Cooperative Extension and the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. With tips on everything from cooking the turkey to natural holiday decorations, we're committed to putting Georgia in the holiday spirit. 

Fall Gardening 2017

Published on 08/31/2017

University of Georgia Cooperative Extension offers fall gardening advice through this year's Fall Gardening 2017 packet. These articles are written specifically for Georgia gardens, from novice to advanced 'green thumbs.' For more help on specific topics, contact your local UGA Extension agent or read the UGA Extension publications at http://extension.uga.edu/publications.html.

Safety Training OSHA grants fund green industry safety trainings created by the UGA Center for Urban Agriculture. Published November 09, 2017Author:

Using grant funds from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the University of Georgia Center for Urban Agriculture has developed safety training for green industry employees. To date, these programs have reached more than 4,000 workers.

D.W. Brooks Speaker challenges CAES faculty and students to think beyond fear when discussing genetically modified crops. Published November 09, 2017Author:

If the world’s going to double its food supply by 2050, it’s not going to happen without genetically modified crops. That was the hard-line taken by molecular biologist Nina Fedoroff at the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences' signature D.W. Brooks Lecture on Nov. 7, 2017.

October Climate Despite tropical rains from Hurricane Nate, October was relatively dry in Georgia. Published November 09, 2017Author:

If this October’s temperatures didn’t have you craving pumpkin spice, you’re not alone. The entire state was about four degrees warmer than normal this year. While the dry, warm weather may have made it hard to celebrate the beginning of fall, it was great for Georgia agriculture, aiding in the harvest of cotton, peanuts and soybeans across the state.

"Snaptastic" Snapdragons Snapdragons come in lots of colors and are deer resistant. Published November 09, 2017Author:

These new snapdragons aren’t just fantastic, they’re simply “Snaptastic.” Snaptastic, a new series coming from Syngenta, is considered medium in height, reaching 14 to 16 inches. They fill a void that’s been longed for in the market.

Pecan Cover Crops Lenny Wells recommends crimson clover to build up the soil and sustain the life of a pecan orchard. Published November 08, 2017Author:

University of Georgia Cooperative Extension pecan specialist Lenny Wells recommends planting crimson clover, or a similar cover crop, in pecan orchards to supply much-needed nitrogen and build up organic matter in the soil.

Healthy Housing UGA Extension Healthy Housing program recognized by national family and consumer sciences group. Published November 06, 2017Author:

A team of University of Georgia family and consumer sciences experts has earned a national award for their efforts to create healthier and safer environments for children, both at home and in daycare settings. 

Dooley Professorship UGA horticulturist teams up with UGA Athletic Association to develop more sustainable horticulture practices. Published November 02, 2017Author:

University of Georgia Professor Marc van Iersel and storied former University of Georgia football coach Vince Dooley are teaming up to improve the state of horticulture in Georgia.

< 5FF4 a class="title" href="/newswire/story.html?storyid=6397&story=Satsumas">Satsumas There are currently 43,000 commercial citrus trees planted in Georgia, and the majority of them are satsumas. Published November 02, 2017Author:

Southern Georgia farmers growing ‘Owari’ satsumas are on track to harvest a bountiful crop of the citrus fruit at this time next year, according to Jacob Price, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension coordinator and Agriculture and Natural Resources agent for Lowndes County.

Flavor of Georgia 2018 Flavor of Georgia Food Product Contest invites Georgians to enter their craft foods for a chance to savor sweet success. Published November 01, 2017Author:

What’s better than reaching into your pantry or refrigerator and pulling out a delicious product that’s made in your state? The University of Georgia's Flavor of Georgia Food Product Contest helps to highlight the state's burgeoning food product scene with its annual competition.

Truffles UGA plant pathologist introduces high-value European truffles to Georgia pecan orchards. Published November 01, 2017Author:

University of Georgia plant pathologist Tim Brenneman has studied the viability of truffles in the state’s pecan orchards for years. This winter, he will advance his research by introducing the European variety of truffles to Georgia pecan trees.

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Formerly referred to as FACES, our media newswire continues to feature stories from the CAES news team relating to family, agricultural, consumer and environmental sciences, as well as UGA Extension news.


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