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Holiday Season 2017

Published on 11/16/2017

Celebrate the holidays with the writers and experts from UGA Cooperative Extension and the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. With tips on everything from cooking the turkey to natural holiday decorations, we're committed to putting Georgia in the holiday spirit. 

Fall Gardening 2017

Published on 08/31/2017

University of Georgia Cooperative Extension offers fall gardening advice through this year's Fall Gardening 2017 packet. These articles are written specifically for Georgia gardens, from novice to advanced 'green thumbs.' For more help on specific topics, contact your local UGA Extension agent or read the UGA Extension publications at http://extension.uga.edu/publications.html.

School Gardens Dougherty County Extension wins second Golden Radish Award for establishing school gardens. Published October 10, 2017Author:

School gardens are gaining momentum because they help teachers meet science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) education requirements, according to Becky Griffin, community and school garden coordinator for University of Georgia Cooperative Extension.

Perdue Visit Perdue says that 4-H members are proof that you don't have to be an adult to make a difference. Published October 09, 2017Author:

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue met with a group of select Georgia 4-H’ers on Friday, Oct. 6, in recognition of National 4-H Week, held Oct. 2-6. Perdue and the students toured the 4-H exhibits at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia, the former Georgia governor’s hometown. He also heard presentations from three Georgia 4-H’ers: Amelia Day of Houston County, Angel Austin of Ben Hill County and Evie Woodward of Coffee County.

Coastal Study Owning and maintaining coastal property comes with risks, like evacuating when hurricanes arrive. Published October 05, 2017Author:

University of Georgia natural resource economist Craig Landry will use his portion of a $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to study how the economy and the environment are affected when humans and coastal regions commingle. The four-year project is a team effort with researchers from Colorado, North Carolina and Ohio.

Deer Habitat Hunters must make sure deer have no reason to leave their hunting property. Published October 05, 2017Author:

While there is no hard-and-fast method to determining the exact number of deer in a county or state, current population estimates are coming in at just over 1 million animals. Ultimately, the habitat quality in a particular area limits the number of deer hunters may see.

4-H Week From governors to country music artists to business leaders, Georgia 4-H has helped young people become confident adults. Published October 05, 2017Author:

Six million students across America participate in 4-H and, of those, more than 170,000 call Georgia home. To raise awareness of the state’s largest youth development organization, the week of Oct. 1-7 has been declared National 4-H Week.

New Mexico Peppers Ornamental peppers are sensational when grown alongside mums, marigolds, asters and goldenrods. Published October 05, 2017Author:

‘NuMex Easter’ peppers are small, compact plants that reach up to 12 inches tall and as wide, but they load up with more colorful peppers than you would ever imagine for that size of a plant. They make great border plants for the traditional landscape and will dazzle in herb or tropical gardens.

Presidential Garden Master Gardeners revitalize butterfly garden located at former President Jimmy Carter's home in Plains, Georgia. Published October 04, 2017Author:

Earlier this spring, representatives for former first lady Rosalynn Carter sought help from the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. UGA Cooperative 00D0 Extension’s Master Gardener Extension Volunteers, who are trained to help UGA Extension staff deliver research-based information about gardening and related topics to the public, began work on the project. 5FF4

Whitefly management High populations of whiteflies can infect vegetable crops with diseases, like cucurbit leaf crumple virus and tomato yellow curl virus. Published October 03, 2017Author:

Summer may have ended, but Georgia’s silverleaf whitefly infestation has not.

Turtle Release Georgia 4-H raises abandoned sea turtle and turns her into an environmental educator. Published October 03, 2017Author:

Zoe, a loggerhead sea turtle that lived at the Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island, Georgia, for the past five years, was released on the island Saturday, Sept. 30. A large crowd of local residents and tourists gathered with cameras ready as Zoe was lowered into the water just south of the pier on Tybee Beach, where the sea turtle hatched.

New Biofuels UGA joins $15 million multistate partnership to foster new industry around carinata-based biofuels in the southern U.S.  Published October 03, 2017Author:

Researchers have produced biofuels from corn, switchgrass and even algae, but researchers at the University of Georgia will soon study a new source of renewable biofuels: the lesser-known crop of carinata, also known as “Ethiopian mustard.”

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