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Spring gardening 2017

Published on 03/09/2017

Gardening can be fun for all ages. Whether you're a novice at putting your plants in the ground, or you're an expert who loves the challenge of making things grow, every one can use advice. This collection of spring gardening articles from University of Georgia experts is sure to provide timely advice on a wide range of topics, like potatoes, tomatoes and irrigation. These articles are written by for Georgians with scientific advice from researchers within the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Happy gardening!

Crop Inputs Expenses like seed costs, fertilizer treatments and fuel need to be calculated before planting season begins. Published February 28, 2017Author:

If Georgia farmers want to maximize their profits, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension economist Amanda Smith says that, like all business owners, they first need to know their costs of production.

Exchange Program Attending a semester of classes at ETH Zürich, a university in Switzerland, was exciting, cost-effective and challenging for Caroline Phillips. Published February 24, 2017Author:

As she began her sophomore year, Caroline Phillips knew something was missing from her collegiate experience. “I had friends, was a member of various organizations, and was doing fine academically,” she recalls. “But I thought I needed something more.”

Latest Tiny House Georgia Organics, UGA team up again to provide safe, cozy housing to young Georgia farmers Published February 23, 2017Author:

It’s only 175 square feet, but it’s cozy, clean and makes all the difference in the world to a young farmer who is learning to work the land.

Journeyman Farmers New farmers celebrate graduation from the Journeyman Farmer Certificate Program at the 20th Anniversary Georgia Organics Conference. Published February 23, 2017Author:

Cheered on by the more than 1,000 attendees at the 20th Anniversary Georgia Organics Conference, four fledgling Georgia farmers celebrated their graduation from Georgia’s Journeyman Farmer Certificate Program — an innovative training program for beginning farmers.

Dutch Iris Add a few bulbs that come to your garden by way of Spain, Morocco and Portugal. Published February 23, 2017Author:

The Dutch iris is relatively trouble-free and should bloom in May and June. Most references suggest a cold hardiness of zones 6 through 9, but gardeners tout a return in zone 5 when a protective layer of mulch has been added. They need plenty of sun to bloom their best, though a little afternoon shade would be tolerated.

Landscape Grasses UGA, USDA partnership results in three new little bluestem grasses. Published February 22, 2017Author:

Landscapers can soon add a bit of Georgia’s historical Piedmont and native prairies to their designs thanks to the creation of three new little bluestem perennial grasses, released through a University of Georgia and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) partnership.

Flavor of Georgia 2017 Entrepreneurs from all corners of the state selected to compete in the University of Georgia's Flavor of Georgia contest. Published February 22, 2017Author:

Judges have selected 33 products to compete in the final round of the University of Georgia’s 2017 Flavor of Georgia Food Product Contest in Atlanta on March 21.

Onion HOF Vidalia Onion Committee honors UGA scientist for his research on Georgia-grown sweet onions. Published February 22, 2017Author:

Ron Gitaitis, a plant pathologist with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, was inducted into the Vidalia Onion Hall of Fame by the Vidalia Onion Committee at the committee’s annual awards banquet, held on Feb. 4 at the Vidal 0028 ia Community Center in Vidalia, Georgia. 5FF4

Watermelon Crop An estimated 20,000 acres of watermelons are produced every year in Georgia. Published February 21, 2017Author:

The cost of controlling plant diseases combined with the cost of irrigation continues to push Georgia watermelon growers to become more innovative and productive, according to University of Georgia Cooperative Extension vegetable horticulturist Tim Coolong.

Ghanaian farmers honored The Ghanaian government honored farmers in the small village of Dagomba for their willingness to learn new best practices and teach others. Published February 17, 2017Author:

A few years ago, peanut farmers in the Dagomba village in the Ashanti region of Ghana had little training in how to grow, dry and store their crop in a way that would increase yield and improve quality. They planted the same variety that has grown in the region for decades and hoped that rains would fall at the right time to make a good crop. They harvested whenever they could and spread the nuts out on the ground to dry in the sun. But when offered the chance to learn improved techniques, they took advantage and have results to show for it.

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