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Back to School 2017

Published on 07/13/2017

It doesn't seem possible but the 2017-2018 school year is just around the corner. Help kick the school year off right with tips and information from UGA Cooperative Extension. 

'Gold Doubloon' Variety provides dazzling color with gold and green foliage. Published May 24, 2017Author:

If you have been fascinated by the idea of finding a gold doubloon, I’ve got one for you, and it is of a stunning gardenia variety. The ‘Gold Doubloon’ — or “double” as the word sugg 1C53 ests — gardenia gives you dazzling color with gold and green foliage and large, tantalizingly aromatic flowers.

'Inferno' Coleus Gardeners looking to add "wow" factor to their landscape should give 'Inferno' coleus a try. Published May 18, 2017Author:

There is an ‘Inferno’ of color this spring coming from a coleus that racked up quite a number of perfect scorecards. ‘Inferno’ hasn’t been out long, but already it has heads turning, especially when you consider that it was total perfection in University of Georgia, University of Tennessee and Michigan State University trials.

Room to Grow Aerification helps turfgrass green-up, lets air and moisture get to root zone. Published May 18, 2017Author:

Last year many lawns across the state didn’t receive enough rainfall for the grass to grow, photosynthesize and make carbohydrate reserves. Turfgrass that experienced this lack of rainfall will likely be slow to green up this spring. If rainfall totals return to normal this spring, lawns will recover, but they may do so at a slower rate because the production of reserves was compromised last fall. For example, a lawn that would typically be fully green and growing in mid-May might take until late May or June to green up. A two- to four-week delay in green-up of warm-season grasses may be common this spring.

Congressional Fellows CAES students learn the ropes in Washington, D.C., through Congressional Agricultural Fellows program. Published May 17, 2017Author:

Seven University of Georgia students studying in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences have embarked on the opportunity of a lifetime — serving as Congressional Agricultural Fellows in Washington, D.C.

Cotton Irrigation UGA Extension physiologist John Snider recommends farmers use sensor-based irrigation scheduling. Published May 17, 2017Author:

Decreasing irrigation for cotton crops during the early season may not affect yields and could save growers more than 54,000 gallons of water per acre, according to University of Georgia researchers.

Layby Herbicide Program Layby equipment needed to effectively control weeds in corn that can get as high as 14 feet tall. Published May 16, 2017Author:

Layby herbicide programs allow Georgia field corn growers to better control weeds throughout the growing season, according to Brooke Jeffries, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources agent in Wheeler County, Georgia.

Borlaug Fellowship Daniel Mwalwayo has spent most of his professional career working to ensure a safe food supply in his home country of Malawi. Published May 15, 2017Author:

Daniel Mwalwayo has spent most of his professional career working to ensure a safe food supply in his home country of Malawi.

New Food Trends Locally sourced scone and muffin hybrid takes top prize at Georgia 4-H's 2017 Food Product Development Contest. Published May 15, 2017Author:

Vegan marshmallows, dairy-free cheese crackers and locally sourced baked treats — the highlights of Georgia 4-H’s 2017 Food Product Development Contest read like a list of top food trends of 2017. Inspired by the dietary needs and interests of their friends and neighbors, three teams of Georgia 4-H’ers met at the 008F University of Georgia Department of Food Science and Technology in Athens, Georgia, last week to showcase their newly developed food products. 5586

Peanut drink research Would consumers gulp down a peanut drink? Aggrey Gama thinks so. Published May 11, 2017Author:

Aggrey Gama, a doctoral student at the University of Georgia’s (UGA) Griffin campus, is crafting a drink that would deliver the nutrition and tastiness of peanuts to consumers in his home country of Malawi.

Deng Honored UGA-Griffin researcher recognized for creation of computer database that helps ID salmonella strains faster. Published May 11, 2017Author:

University of Georgia food microbiologist Xiangyu Deng’s work in the emerging field of bioinformatics led to his selection as a Creative Research Medal winner for 2017.

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