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Watermelon Crop An estimated 20,000 acres of watermelons are produced every year in Georgia. Published February 21, 2017Author:

The cost of controlling plant diseases combined with the cost of irrigation continues to push Georgia watermelon growers to become more innovative and productive, according to University of Georgia Cooperative Extension vegetable horticulturist Tim Coolong.

Ghanaian farmers honored The Ghanaian government honored farmers in the small village of Dagomba for their willingness to learn new best practices and teach others. Published February 17, 2017Author:

A few years ago, peanut farmers in the Dagomba village in the Ashanti region of Ghana had little training in how to grow, dry and store their crop in a way that would increase yield and improve quality. They planted the same variety that has grown in the region for decades and hoped that rains would fall at the right time to make a good crop. They harvested whenever they could and spread the nuts out on the ground to dry in the sun. But when offered the chance to learn improved techniques, they took advantage and have results to show for it.

Arbor Day For Georgians looking to plant trees the time is now; Georgia's Arbor Day is on Feb. 17 Published February 16, 2017Author:

It’s Arbor Day again, and that means it’s time for Georgians interested in adding trees to their landscape to get those trees in the ground.

Healthy Trees Common lawn herbicides can cause lasting damage to landscape trees if not used carefully. Published February 16, 2017Author:

It can take years for a tree to reach full maturity, but it only takes one or two seasons of damage to irreparably harm the biggest and most expensive piece of a well-designed landscape.

Container herbs Herbs can provide flavor to dishes and color, texture to container gardens. Published February 16, 2017Author:

Remember parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme when you design mixed containers. These four herbs will allow you to create interest through foliage, add a touch of fragrance, dazzle with color from flowers, bring in a few butterflies, freshen your breath and season like a chef.

Post Valentine's Day Invest time in your relationships all year long, not just on designated days. Published February 15, 2017Author:

Once the flowers have wilted and the chocolates are gone, we tend to take the focus off of our relationships. Whether or not you go all out for Valentine’s Day, now is a great time to re-evaluate your relationships. Are there areas for improvement? Is everyone healthy and happy?

Irrigation Maintenance Leaky pipes, flat tires and damaged sprinklers are all problems that could impact production during growing season. Published February 14, 2017Author:

Exposed to weather and wildlife during the winter months, irrigation systems can incur a multitude of problems during the growing season if they are not addressed now, according to Wes Porter, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension irrigation specialist.

Cotton Equipment Donation Funston Gin provided UGA's C.M. Stripling Irrigation Research Park with a module builder and boll buggy to help with cotton harvest. Published February 14, 2017Author:

A south Georgia cotton gin is helping the University of Georgia’s C.M. Stripling Irrigation Research Park (SIRP) harvest cotton more efficiently thanks to their donation of a cotton module builder and cotton boll buggy.

Early Risers You say "narcissus," I say "daffodil." We all say "spring!" Published February 09, 2017Author:

With the arrival of the narcissus, the first hint 0033 of spring is trumpeting, so to speak, in the South. 5FF4

South Georgia Storms Violent storms in Georgia punctuate month of warm weather and rain. Published February 09, 2017Author:

Violent bursts of severe weather dominated the weather news in January in Georgia with storms spawning dozens of tornados across the southern half of the state.

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Formerly referred to as FACES, our media newswire continues to feature stories from the CAES news team relating to family, agricultural, consumer and environmental sciences, as well as UGA Extension news.


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