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Back to School 2010

Published on 07/02/2010 Parents and teachers have a lot to consider when students head back to class. This collection of articles includes expert advice on keeping germs and bullies at bay, boosting body image, decreasing pesticide use, combating lice outbreaks, keeping an eye on cell phone use, school gardening and limiting playground injuries. Access the printable Start Smart newsletter at



Boy writing Boy writing Published on 06/11/2010
Preschool class Preschool class Published on 06/11/2010
Young boy drawing Young boy drawing Published on 06/11/2010
Friendship Friendship Published on 06/11/2010
School garden School garden Published on 06/11/2010
School girls School girls Published on 06/11/2010
Clean hands Clean hands Published on 06/11/2010
Teenage girls Teenage girls Published on 06/11/2010
School bullying School bullying Published on 06/08/2010
School buses School buses Published on 06/08/2010
Lunchbox Annika Lunchbox Annika Published on 11/19/2009
Boy writing

Young boy learning to write his name. May 2010.

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Preschool class

Classmates sit together on a school rug. May 2010.

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Young boy drawing

A young child draws a picture at school. May 2010.

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Friends hug at school. May 2010.

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School garden

Children read in a school garden. Mary Lin Elementary School, Atlanta, GA, May 2010.

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School girls

Young girls pose for a photo at school. May 2010.

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Clean hands

Small child shows off his clean hands. May 2010.

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Teenage girls

Two teenage girls hugging.

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School bullying

More than 160,000 children nationwide miss school every day out of fear of being bullied, according to the National Education Association.

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School buses

Lines of school buses idling outside schools creates harmful air pollution and wastes fuel. To protect students' lung, and save engine parts, bus, and parents' vehicles, should not idle while waiting for students to exit school buildings, University of Georgia experts say.

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Lunchbox Annika

Child's insulated lunchbox being opened for lunch. August 2008.

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