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2000 in Review: Agriculture
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Jan. 5: 0023 Family Debt: Farm Crisis Hits Home 0063 . The farm crisis is taking its toll on farm family finances.

Feb. 9: 0035 'Great Chill' a Blessing to Blueberry, Peach Growers 00A6 . Donnie Morris doesn't describe the frigid midwinter weather the way many Georgians would. "It's just wonderful," he says.

March 14: 0023 Tomato Disease Hits Georgia Fields 00BA . A tomato disease that ravaged crops in the Caribbean and Florida has arrived in Georgia. Growers here wish it had stayed south of the border.

March 28: 0022 Fuel Prices Running Up Farm Bills 009A . If prices continue to rise, University of Georgia experts say farm fuel costs could top $200 million this year.

April 26: 002C Prices Down as Onion Harvest Hits High Gear 00A0 . Most Vidalia onion varieties are heading to the markets with palate-pleasing quality, say University of Georgia experts.

May 5: 002C Georgia Farmers Have Bumper Crop of Berries 00B2 . Cool, dry weather early in the season helped you-pick strawberry growers develop a big crop. Warm, sunny days now bring out pickers.

May 9: 0030 Green Industry Going Strong in Midst of Drought 00B0 . On the heels of a dry April planting season, there is one bright spot in the economic picture for agriculture: the "green industry."

June 19: 0029 Georgia Melon Growers Face Gloomy Fourth 00AF . For Georgia farmers who have struggled to grow melons in the midst of a hard, lingering drought, nature has added insult to injury.

June 27: 002C Crop Insurance Act Good for Georgia Farmers 00B1 . Georgia farmers struggling through another drought can take heart that a new law will help protect them against future crop failures.

July 25: 0028 Georgia Farmers Having to Abandon Crops 00A7 . Many farmers have decided to give up on some of their crops because of the drought. Now they must decide what to do next.

Aug. 16: 0029 Coverdell Ag Scholarship Planned for UGA 00A0 . Georgia agricultural leaders are starting a University of Georgia scholarship honoring the late Sen. Paul Coverdell.

Aug. 23: 002C UGA Focuses on Emerging Crops, Technologies 009D . A new effort to help the state's farmers began this week with the UGA's Emerging Crop and Technologies Initiative.

Sept. 21: 0031 Georgia Vineyards: Fine Wine in 'Shine Mountains 00B1 . People have always come to Dahlonega looking for a brighter future. In 1828, it was the gold rush. Today, it's more of a grape gush.

Sept. 25: 002A UGA Research: Cotton Farmers Losing Money 00A7 . Georgia farmers who delay picking their cotton could lose money by sacrificing the crop's quality, say UGA cotton experts.

Sept. 27: 002A UGA Opens Poultry Research Center Phase 2 00AB . A $5 million expansion of the UGA Poultry Research Center has great potential to help the state's $2.7 billion poultry industry.

Oct. 3: 0033 UGA, Cuban Scientists Trade Agricultural Knowledge 00A0 . It's a straight shot south from Atlanta to Havana. And UGA scientists are ready to open doors to better relations.

Oct. 17: 0029 Peanut Crop Fares Well, Cotton Struggles 00AF . Georgia's peanut crop will be better than expected, but state cotton yields and quality struggle through another discouraging year.

Oct. 23: 0032 UGA Delegation Makes Historic Trip to North Korea 00A6 . University of Georgia scientists this week became the first academic delegation to visit North Korea since the Korean War.

Oct. 23: 0022 UGA Ag Hall of Fame Inducts Three 00B8 . Earl Cheek of Perry, Tommy Irvin of Mt. Airy and Josiah Phelps of Fort Valley have been inducted into the Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame.

Oct. 25: 002B Peanut Prices Low on Farm, Steady in Store 00B3 . Farmers are getting low paychecks when they take some of their peanuts to the market. However, shoppers will see no change in prices.

Oct. 27: 002A Congress Marks $2.57 Million for Research 0089 . Congress has allotted more than $2.5 million for research projects at the University of Georgia.

Nov. 8: 0030 Gift of Land Becomes Key to Irrigation Research 0092 . At 80 years old, C.M. Stripling gave up 133 acres of his family land, strictly with an eye to the future.

Nov. 8: 002B Farmer, Cows Like Georgia 'Dairy-Go-Round' 00AA . Dub it a dairy-go-round, or a cowasel. Whatever you call it, Tim Cabaniss likes what his carousel for cows does for his dairy.

Nov. 15: 002C Georgia Pecan Crop Small, but Prices Stable 00AB . Georgia pecan growers expect a smallish crop this year. But a supply from last season should help meet demand for the holidays.

Nov. 20: 0024 Peanut Harvest Better than Expected 00AB . Considering drought has dominated the state for three straight years, the crop this season has turned into a pleasant surprise.

Nov. 29: 0029 Study: Oilseed Growers Can Raise Profits 0095 . A study released this week shows that Georgia farmers who grow oilseeds can make their crops more valuable.

Nov. 30: 0026 North Korean Scientists May Visit UGA 008C . A University of Georgia agricultural delegation hopes to host North Korean scientists this spring.

Dec. 12: 0021 Sweet Crop Gets Ready for Winter 0080 . Vidalia onion farmers are planting the last of their fields and checking them twice.

Dec. 20: 0028 2001 Outlook Upbeat for Georgia Farmers 2711 . Economists say better days could be ahead for the state's agriculture.

(Brad Haire is the former news editor with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)

(Faith Peppers is the director of public affairs with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)

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