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'Gardening in Georgia' begins new season

University of Georgia

The fifth season of "Gardening in Georgia," with Walter Reeves, premieres April 5 on Georgia Public Television.

"Gardening in Georgia" is produced by the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and GPTV. It airs twice each Saturday, at noon and 7 p.m.

The season opener deals with using wood chips as mulch, preventing squirrel damage and those carnivorous plants.

Can those mounds of chips municipalities make available to homeowners be used as mulch around landscape plants? Reeves details the facts of recycling wood chips as landscape mulch. He shows a great way to move them around your yard, too.

Far from starring in horror movies, carnivorous plants limit their prey to insects and similar animals. They are fascinating, though. Reeves visits with Carol Helton at the Atlanta Botanical Garden to learn more about Venus flytraps, pitcher plants and sundews.

Finally, the fresh soil of newly planted gardens is like a squirrel magnet. You might think preventing these pests' damage would be hard, Reeves shows a simple trick to keep pesky squirrels at bay.

(Dan Rahn is a news editor with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)

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