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Georgia salutes No. 1 industry March 21-25

By Brad Haire
University of Georgia

Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue has proclaimed March 21-25 the second annual “Georgia Agricultural Week” to bring awareness to the state’s No. 1 industry.

Festivities will kick-off Tuesday March 22 at the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot in Atlanta, said Donnie Smith, Perdue’s agricultural liaison and member of the Governor’s Agricultural Advisory committee. There will be more than 30 exhibitors on hand to showcase the best of Georgia agriculture.

“The main purpose is to make everyone aware of the contributions of agriculture to Georgia economically and environmentally,” Smith said.

Agriculture has a tremendous impact on every Georgian, he said. And a sound knowledge of agriculture empowers consumers and contributes to a successful economy and a healthy environment.

Agriculture accounts for about 17 percent of Georgia’s total manufacturing might. One out of every six Georgians works in a forestry- or agricultural-related job.

Due to Georgia’s mild climate, farmers can grow many different crops here. Vegetables, tobacco, poultry, cotton, corn, peanuts, trees, soybeans, livestock, peaches, onions, fish and nursery crops are just a few of Georgia’s diverse commodities.

For more information and to test your Georgia agricultural knowledge, go to the Web site www.agawareness.com.

National Agricultural Day is March 17.

(Brad Haire is the former news editor with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)

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