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International Internship Will Send Ag Student to Brussels
Global marketing is the name of the game for selling many of Georgia's agricultural products. Last year Georgia exported more than $1 billion worth of food and agricultural products. In response, the University of Georgia is teaming up with the Georgia Department of Agriculture to offer its first internship in Brussels, Belgium for UGA agricultural and environmental sciences students. "Increasingly, our markets for food and agricultural products are global," says David Knauft, the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences' associate dean for academic affairs. "The experience our students can receive in international trade can be valuable for both international careers as well as domestic careers," Knauft says. "Many companies are increasingly looking to international markets for a part of their revenue. As UGA is a university with an international perspective in many areas, this program is yet another opportunity for students to become part of the global economy." A student will spend 10 weeks next summer working with the International Trade Division of the state agriculture department's European office. Andres Villegas, director of the Georgia Department of Agriculture's international trade division, says the internship will offer a student practical work experience to better understand international trade, marketing and promotion. The intern will also help the European office fulfill its mission to promote Georgia agricultural products. "This is an excellent partnership with the Georgia Department of Agriculture," Knauft says. "The internship will promote international experiences for our students, give them a specific interaction with the agriculture department, promote economic development and provide support for the expansion of markets for Georgia's agricultural products." For more information about the internship, contact Knauft at 102 Conner Hall, UGA, Athens, GA 30602 or call him at (706) 542-1611.
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