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Center Reports

2016 Center Reports

Farmer's Market in Georgia: Evaluation by the Community of Managers and Vendors - Vanessa P. Shonkwiler, CR-16-06, October 2016

An Evaluation of the Georgia Grown program by the Community - Vanessa P. Shonkwiler, CR-16-05, September 2016

2015 Center Reports

2007-2015 Flavor of Georgia Finalist Survey - Sharon P. Kane and Kent Wolfe, CR-15-03

An Evaluation of the Georgia Grown promotional tools: A measure of consumer awareness - Kent Wolfe and Vanessa P. Shonkwiler, CR-15-05, September 2015

2014 Center Reports

Farms, Food & Fiber: Is Agribusiness Economic Development - S. Kane, K. Stubbs and K. Wolfe, CR-14-01

Professional Peer Review: Fiscal & Economic Benefits of Prposed Natural Gas Pipeline - S. Kane and K. Wolfe, CR-14-02