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  • Liz Prenger won first place in the poster competition at the 2018 Soybean Breeders Workshop in St. Louis, MO. She presented a poster on “Identification and characterization of fast-neutron induced mutations underlying altered seed composition phenotypes for soybean seed improvement”. Congratulations Liz!
  • Two PBGG students, Winnie Gimode and Lucky Paudel, took top honors at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Southern Region American Society for Horticultural Science in Jacksonville, FL. Winnie presented in the Warren S. Barham Ph.D. Student Paper and Lucky in the Norman F. Childers M.S. Student Paper competitions. Both are students of Dr. Cecilia McGregor. Congratulations to our distinguished ambassadors!


  • Congratulations to Suraj Sapkota for being awarded 2nd place in the 2017 C-1 Graduate Poster Competition from the Crop Science Society of America.
  • Congratulations to Carolina Ballén‐Taborda, 2017 PhD first place recipient of the prestigious E. Broadus Browne Award! Carolina presented her research on Mapping a new source of root-knot nematode (RKN) resistance from the wild species A. stenosperma and introgression into peanut Arachis hypogaea L.
  • Congratulations to Katrien Devos, recipient of the 2017 D.W. Brooks Faculty Award for Excellence in Research! The 2017 D.W. Brooks Lecture and Awards was held in Mahler Auditorium on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at 3:30 p.m. Nina Fedoroff presented this year's lecture titled, "The GMO Wars: What do we do when scientists and citizens deeply disagree?"
  • Congratulations to Clint Steketee on being selected as a 2017 Crop Science Graduate Student Scholarship recipient from the Gerald O. Mott Scholarship Fund of the Crop Science Society of America and the Agronomic Science Foundation.
  • Kudos to two PBGG faculty who are 2017 UGA Research Awards Recipients:
  • Congratulations to Carolina Chavarro for winning second place in section 1 of the Joe Sugg Graduate Student competition at the annual American Peanut Research and Education Society meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico!  The title of her presentation was Genotyping of Recombinant Inbred Lines Population Provides Evidence of Tetrasomic Recombination in Cultivated Peanut.
  • Congratulations to Winnie Gimode for receiving second place in the graduate student category at the Plant Center Retreat.
  • Congratulations to Wayne Parrott on his election as a AAAS FellowRead more about this prestigious honor.



  • Congratulations to John Ruter for the numerous awards he received in 2016 in recognition of his expertise in and educational efforts with ornamental plants! 
    • Service Award from the American Conifer Society
    • Fellow of the International Plant Propagators Society
    • Lifetime Achievement Award from the Georgia Green Industry Association for his distinguished and unselfish service to the horticulture industry in Georgia
    • A Student Career Development Award from UGA 
  • Congratulations to Peng Chee for receipt of the 2016 Cotton Genetics Research Award presented at the 2017 Beltwide Cotton Improvement Conference!