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Plant breeding genetics and genomics is the science of creating new and improved plant varieties that are higher yielding, more disease resistant, more nutritious, or simply of greater ornamental value. While IPBGG primarily caters to graduate students, there are many opportunities for undergraduates too. Learn about opportunities, internships and research specifically for undergraduates.

Double Dawgs

Agriscience and Environmental Systems BSA/Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics MS is a Double Dawgs program incorporating research leading to a thesis Master’s. To complete the program in five years, curriculum planning at the beginning of the program is essential. Inquire about the program.


Fill out the form on the opportunities page if you are an undergraduate interested in working as an assistant in one of our ongoing research programs, or if you are looking to conduct undergraduate thesis research in exchange for academic credit.


Learn about undergraduate internships with organizations specializing in plant breeding, genetics and genomics.


Now a requirement at UGA, CAES and the Institute of Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics have long offered experiential learning to undergraduates. Learn about these hands-on learning opportunities.