Costa Rica: Coffee - from Bean to Cup

Visit UGA Costa Rica on this nine-day adventure and experience first-hand the horticultural practices and processes involved in coffee production, from bean to cup.
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About the Program

Because students will be traveling during the region’s annual harvesting season, they will have the opportunity to:

  • Tour small and large-scale coffee growing operations
  • Experience coffee cherry harvesting and processing
  • View roasting procedures
  • Develop an understanding of the history, health aspects,
    sensory properties, chemistry, and technologies as they relate to coffee.

Ideal for both graduate and undergraduate students, this program remains the only Costa Rican (and Latin American) study abroad program focused entirely on the practices and challenges of producing coffee—the second-most traded commodity on earth and the premier agricultural commodity of Costa Rica.

Upon returning from this program, students have a unique perspective of Latin American culture and will be able to describe production practices of coffee in Costa Rica and the challenges faced by coffee farmers in raising their crop.

Students will also recognize the complexity and limitations of the production, manufacturing, and distribution pattern of coffee products from the Costa Rican processing plant to consumer purchase, as well as recognize the positive and negative health consequences of coffee consumption.

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Quick Facts

Dates: Thanksgiving Break 2018

Estimated Program Fee: $1,100 + Tuition and Fees + Airfare

Courses: FDST 4150, FDST 6150

Early Application Deadline: December 1

Standard Application Deadline: April 13

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Program Contact

Ronald Pegg Professor
Food Science & Technology