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Web Managers

Web managers are appointed by each department to assist the CAES web content coordinator and web team with managing content on the CAES website. The College is made up of nine departments with several labs, facilities and research centers also having a presence on the CAES website. Additionally, there are sections for alumni, outreach and students. With only one primary content manager and a small web development team, it is easy to see that the department web managers are crucial to the monitoring process that ensures that content and information is both accurate and current. This is the biggest challenge we face in maintaining the website.

We ask each department to appoint a web manager to act as a single point of contact for the CAES web team to gather important information from the department for web updates. This appointee must maintain strong communication between the web team and their department or unit with the goal of keeping correct and timely content and information displayed on the website.

For this system to work efficiently, department faculty need to know their web manager and, in turn, the web managers must maintain a good working relationship with their department faculty and the web team. The web team needs to maintain an accurate list of each department’s web manager. If a web manager leaves CAES, a new one should be appointed by the department as quickly as possible.


  1. The main responsibility of the web manager is to ensure that their department's web content and resources are accurate and up-to-date. They regularly scan and/or recruit subject matter experts to scan all departmental web content and communicate any corrections that are needed. At a minimum, all pages belonging to a department should be checked at the beginning of each semester to maintain the integrity of the content.
    AEM User Manual for CAES Web Content Managers

  2. The web manager is the main contact between the web team and their department. If the web team has a question about that department’s website, the web team will contact the web manager. If department staff have a question about the department’s website, they should contact their web manager and the web manager will contact the web team if they are unable to resolve the issue directly.
    Web team email:


Web Manager



Agricultural and Applied Economics

Carly Puckett


Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication

Elena Legendre


Animal and Dairy Science

Susan Bradley


Crop and Soil Sciences

Tracey Vellidis



Sam Waychoff


Food Science and Technology

Amy Bellamy



Brenda Willis


Plant Pathology

Betty Rice


Poultry Science

Jessica Fife


Centers, offices and other units

Web Manager



CAES Alumni Association

Sherry Abrams



Center for Food Safety

Wayne Harvester


Office of Diversity Affairs

Narke Norton


Office of Global Programs, Peanut and Mycotoxin Innovation Lab

Bonnie Klostermann


Signature Events, Advisory Council

Regina Fitzpatrick