CAES Alumni Board & Committees

The CAES Alumni Association is governed by an executive committee and a board of directors
The CAES Alumni Association is governed by an executive committee and a board of directors.

Board of Directors

2019-2020 Executive Board

  • President: Brent Marable
  • President Elect: Caroline Lewallen
  • Immediate Past President: Van McCall
  • Treasurer: Tim Miller
  • Secretary: Lynn Barber

2019-2020 Board of Directors

  • Rodney Brooks
  • Sarah Cook
  • Briley Edwards
  • Brad Hardy
  • Frank Henning
  • Clint Hood
  • Bailey Lawson, Ex-Officio
  • Lee Lister
  • Ky Meeks, Ex-Officio
  • Jason Morris
  • Farrah Newberry
  • Beth Oleson
  • Daniel Parrish
  • Sam Pardue, Ex-Officio
  • Jenna Saxon
  • Brad Schambach
  • Carlton Self
  • Anna Strickland
  • Tracey Troutman
  • Becca Turner
  • Tony Tyson
  • Kate Wilson


Alumni Enrichment

Provide lifelong enrichment opportunities to CAES alumni through events and programs. Plan "Ag Dawgs After Hours" networking events - currently looking for help with Athens, Albany, Macon, Madison, Northwest Georgia, and Washington, DC events.

Awards and Recognitions

The awards and recognitions committee is responsible for planning, reviewing, improving and coordinating all awards programs for the CAES Alumni Association, including the Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame. This committee is also responsible for suggesting other possible awards or ways to recognize alumni.


Increase awareness to CAES alumni, friends, and other key stakeholders about the activities and goals of the College and the Association. Help with alumni social media strategies.  Plan legislative appreciation luncheon and connect with legislators.


Create and increase a culture of philanthropy among alumni and friends. Advise on alumni association budget. Assist with annual giving initiatives.

Student Connections

Support and enhance the student experience on all three campuses. Launch pilot student mentor program.  Plan welcome back events for Athens, Tifton, and Griffin campuses. Support CAES Office of Academic Affairs with student recruitment efforts.