Award Recipients

Award Winners


Young Alumni — Nick Chammoun, Sara Webb Hughes and Linda Brothers Purvis
Award of Excellence — Donya C. Lester, Krishna Prasad Paudel, Calvin D. Perry and Jody Tyson Strickland

Young Alumni — Madison "Matt" Coley, Trey Cutts, Farrah Hegwood Newberry and Tracey D. Troutman
Award of Excellence — Jimmy L. Hill, J. Keith Kelly and Dennis J. Sheppard

Young Alumni — Luke Lanier, Allison Perkins and Cliff Riner
Award of Excellence — D. Wayne Akins Jr., Charles H. Bronson Jr. and Lowry "Whitey" Weyman Hunt Jr.

Young Alumni — Carmen Benson Byce, Megan Mullis Green and Travis Moore
Award of Excellence — James (Jimmy) Forrest Jr. and Donald (Bo) Warren

Young Alumni — Jed Evans, Jim Faircloth and Rachel McLocklin Santos
Award of Excellence — Larry Cunningham, Ron Holt, Scott NeSmith and Floyd Shockley

Young Alumni — Edith Deann Akins-Lewenthal, Betsy MacMillan McCorkle, Sydne Moody Smith and Robert L. Stewart Jr.
Award of Excellence — Stanley Coley and Michael Rasher

Young Alumni — Bret Caudell, Susannah Lanier, Becca Turner and Abby Needham
Award of Excellence — Chigozie Asiabaka and Brian Tankersley

Young Alumni — Joel McKie and Christy Cromley Seyfert
Award of Excellence — Polly Ligon O’Grady, Lucy Reid and Arch Daniel Smith II

Young Alumni — Marianne Shockley Robinette, Christopher Stripling, Sam Watson and Clay Ward
Award of Excellence — Bruce Kotz and Chuck Williams

Young Alumni — Beth Bland, Carrie Lynn Fowler, Clint Tolbert and Rachel M. Walters
Award of Excellence — Kristen McWhorter, Dixie Truelove and John Wilkinson

Rising Star — Sarah Masoero
Young Alumni — Brent Dykes, Elliott Marsh and Yvette Smith
Award of Excellence — Will Harris III

Rising Star — Mia Morgan
Young Alumni Achievement Award — Laci Banks and Chris Hopkins
Award of Excellence — Steven C. Turner

Rising Star — Amanda Redden
Young Alumni Achievement Award — Amber Davis Collins, Steven Meeks, Billy Skaggs and Emily H. Watson
Award of Excellence — Argene Claxton and Anastassios Haniotis

Rising Star — Lisa A. Last
Award of Excellence — Charles “Randy” Nuckolls
Young Alumni Achievement Award — John R. Hayes, Mary Ann Parsons and Marie Katherine Truesdell
Faculty Award — Joe West

Rising Star — Joel McKie
Award of Excellence — Gary Black
Young Alumni Achievement Award — Megan H. Morris, Joy Carter, Marionette Holmes and Jennifer Pedrotty               
Faculty Award — John C. McKissick

Rising Star — Brian Lance
Award of Excellence — Fred Harrison Jr. and Steve Newton
Faculty Award — Jerry Johnson

Rising Star — Carol Lea Spruill Lawrence
Award of Excellence — Gaylord Coan and Dr. Hsi-huang Chen
Faculty Award — Keith J. Karnok

Rising Star — Mary Ann Davis Parsons
Award of Excellence — Laura Meadows, Gary Tankersley, Al Pearson and Emmett Reynolds Jr.
Faculty Award — Allan Armitage and Roger Wyatt

Rising Star — Donna Leanne Stalvey
Award of Excellence — Chip Blalock, Stephen J. Brannen and Paul Broun
Faculty Award — Paul Thomas

Rising Star — Megan Howard Morris
Award of Excellence — Ed Brown, Wilbur Mull and Lawrence Risse
Faculty Award — Estes Reynolds