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Travel funds lead to international collaborations, grant funding
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Travel Grants Catalyze International Engagement
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The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is committed to increasing international engagement among our faculty.  Specifically, we aim to increase funded international collaboration, internationally co-authored publications, and international graduate student enrollment. In order to support the development of sustained collaborative global partnerships, the Office of Global Programs will offer international travel funding for CAES faculty three times per year.  Funding will be awarded on a competitive basis and is not guaranteed.


Applications will be accepted from CAES faculty members only. Applicants are limited to a total of two submissions per fiscal year and one award per fiscal year.

FY20 Deadlines

Fiscal Year 2020 applications must be used to cover travel completed and reimbursement submitted by June 15th and/or international airfare purchased before June 15, 2020.  Applications will be accepted and evaluated on the following three dates during FY20:

  • September 30, 2019
  • January 10, 2020
  • April 10, 2020


Awards will be allocated based on availability of funds.  We anticipate awards of approximately $2,000 each.

Evaluation Criteria

Priority will be given to applications for international activities that:

  • Aim to secure external funding for collaborative programs/projects
  • Demonstrate a high potential to develop long-lasting partnerships and co-authored publications with an international collaborator
  • Include efforts to recruit international graduate students to CAES
  • Indicate applicant or departmental cost-share

Priority will also be given to applications from faculty members who have not received previous funding.

Application Instructions

Applications of no more than 2 pages should be submitted by email to the Office of Global Programs with a copy to the faculty member’s Department Head.

Applications must include:

  • Dates and Location(s) of proposed international travel
  • Purpose of proposed trip and detailed outline of the program
  • Description of opportunities for future collaboration
  • Indication of how the remaining trip expenses will be covered

More Information

For more information about the Faculty International Travel Funding Program, contact the Office of Global Programs at ogp@uga.edu.


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