Director's Message

Message from the Director

Dr. Amrit Bart, Professor and Assistant Dean & Director of Global Programs

Dr. Amrit Bart

I have spent more than half my life living—and learning—in other countries. These years abroad provided great opportunities for me to appreciate a wide array of cultures and traditions while also collaborating on research and development programs aimed at improving food and economic security.

The collaborations and friendships developed during my years abroad inspire me as director of the Office of Global Programs to create opportunities for our young scientists to build strong international links, to establish more immersive study abroad programs for our students, and to bring more international students and researchers to study on our campus.

These efforts will not only benefit individual students and faculty members, they will also serve as a conduit for sharing ideas, developing new businesses and expanding markets throughout the state of Georgia.

This is an exciting time for Global Programs as we embark on a new phase of program growth and visibility. We are committed to exposing our students to global and intercultural experiences in order to strengthen their capacity to become champions who will lead the charge of eradicating global hunger while addressing environmental issues.

We are equally committed to enhancing international collaborations among our faculty and partners, resulting in greater exchanges of knowledge and skills, and embracing the challenges and opportunities that face us both now and in the future.

I hope you will join me and the rest of the Office of Global Programs as we find more ways to work together to enhance our global impact.

Amrit Bart, Professor
Assistant Dean & Director of Global Programs

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