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UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences alum Will Harris CAES News
Georgia Farmer of the Year
Organic farmer Will Harris of White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, Ga., has been named the Georgia state winner of the 2013 Swisher Sweets/Sunbelt Expo Southeastern Farmer of the Year.
Nine University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences graduates were honored on this year's Bulldog 100 list of the fastest growing businesses owned or operated by UGA alumni. Pictured at the Bulldog 100 event are four of the honorees - Ron Holt, Larry Cunningham, Jack Hartley and Timothy Campbell. CAES News
Bulldog 100 aggies
Nine University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences graduates were honored on this year’s Bulldog 100 list of the fastest growing businesses owned or operated by UGA alumni.
Roosters in a laboratory on the University of Georgia campus in Athens, Ga. CAES News
Cleaner chickens
Oil and water may not mix, but a University of Georgia study has found feeding chickens a blend of plant-based oils in their drinking water can help prevent salmonella contamination before the meat reaches the dinner table, or even the grocery store.
Dr. Mike Lacy, department head, University of Georgia Department of Poultry Science CAES News
High corn costs
Severe drought in the Midwest corn-belt is driving up poultry feed costs in Georgia. Economists and poultry industry experts predict corn costs will increase 50 percent in 2012 compared to typical years. Some economists say corn prices could double by the end of the summer.
Fresh brown eggs from chickens raised by a Pike County, Ga., farmer. CAES News
Raising backyard chickens
If your family is one of the many considering raising a flock of backyard chickens, there are a few things you may want to consider before you bring the birds home to roost.
Agricultural climatologist Pam Knox's office is filled with volumes of old weather observations. These book contain the original hand written weather statistics from Atlanta in the beginning of the 20th century. CAES News
Agriculture and climate
Farmers can’t control when drought, a late freeze or violent crop-wrenching storms will affect their fields, but they can be prepared when those disasters come knocking.
Soil moisture conditions in the southern half of the state are generally at the fifth percentile, meaning the soils at the end of May would be wetter 95 out of 100 years. CAES News
Drought Impact
The widespread drought that’s made national headlines this week will probably be a boon for some Georgia corn producers, but a costly burden for the state’s poultry and beef industries.
Fifty-five animal and dairy science graduate students and animal-breeding professionals gathered in at UGA's Athens campus for three weeks in May to study with UGA Animal and Dairy Science professor Ignacy MIsztal. CAES News
Cow Matchmaking Course
University of Georgia animal and dairy scientist Ignacy Misztal develops software programs to help cattlemen select more productive cow couplings. His unique bovine matchmaking skills have earned him an international fan base of animal breeders and researchers.
UGA Extension faculty are helping Georgia farmers make the state's more than 12,000 broiler houses more efficient. CAES News
Energy audits for chicken houses
The practices that can help us save energy in our own homes, like sealing leaks, insulating and updating cooling systems and replacing light bulbs, are also being used to make Georgia’s prolific poultry industry more efficient — one chicken house at a time.
Wayne Daley, a Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) principal research scientist, and Casey Ritz, a University of Georgia associate professor of poultry science, prepare to record vocalizations of a small flock of chickens at the University of Georgia's Poultry Research Center. (Credit: Gary Meek) CAES News
Interpreting flock talk
Chickens can’t speak, but they can definitely make themselves heard. Most people who have visited a poultry farm will recall chicken vocalization – the technical term for clucking and squawking – as a memorable part of the experience.