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Jasper Utley, of Tift County, took home second place in the 2-12 Georgia 4-H Pumpkin Growing Contest with his 281-pound pumpkin. CAES News
Giant Pumpkins
Giant pumpkins don't just happen. It takes time and patience if you want to be the only person on your block who has a 300-pound jack-o-lantern.
Orange Bulldog is an improved pumpkin variety developed from germplasm collected in the jungles of South America with greater levels of resistance to viruses than conventional pumpkins. Those original seeds yielded a long flat pumpkin, not one that lends itself to jack-o'-lanterns. So, George Boyhan, Gerald Krewer and retired UGA horticulturist Darbie Granberry made improved selections for adaptation to Georgia conditions. Orange Bulldog made its debut in 2004. Orange Bulldog consistently produced yields of 13,000 to 20,000 pound per acre in north and South Georgia. Photo George Boyhan holding immature pumpkin taken October 2009. CAES News
Orange Bulldog
Heading to a local pumpkin patch to pick the season’s best is a time-honored fall family activity. Thanks to University of Georgia researchers, a better, Georgia-specific pumpkin is available for carving or baking.