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June was the warmest ever in Columbus in 64 years of record.
Very hot daytime temperatures and lack of rainfall led to strengthened drought across Georgia in June. Temperatures were at or near record levels for the month across the state.
J. Scott Angle, dean and director, UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. CAES News
Georgia drought deepens
After breathing a sigh of relief for the past few years, many Georgians are once again facing extreme drought conditions, which threaten to intensify during the summer.
Exceptional drought
Drought conditions continue to intensify across most of Georgia. Since the end of May, conditions in the southern two-thirds of the state have deteriorated from extreme to exceptional drought, the highest drought category. Portions of northwest Georgia have now entered moderate drought conditions.
Mitchell County farmer Kyle Pollock, left, and Mitchell County UGA Cooperative Extension agent Rad Yager, right, look over one of Pollock's cotton fields wiped out by the extreme drought that has covered the area for more than two months. CAES News
No rain
The cotton seedling tried. But after sending its root more than five inches deep into the parched dirt, searching for moisture, it gave up and died.
Record heat
The heat was on. Rain was scarce, and drought expanded across Georgia in May. The state got a reprieve from the waves of severe weather, which swept through in April, but scattered wind and hail damage did occur.
Three participants in the 2010 UGA Turfgrass Field Day take a break from the heat to hydrate and cool off. CAES News
Hotter, drier summer
Through at least the middle of August, most of Georgia will likely be warmer and drier than normal. The weather outlook for the mountain counties is less certain.
Debris litters the ground and a partial foundation is all that remains where a mobile home once stood in the unincorporated area of Rio in Spalding County, Ga. A tornado hit the area in the early hours of April 28, 2011. CAES News
Tough April weather
Three separate waves of severe storms ripped through Georgia last month. Warmer-than-normal temperatures may have contributed to the development of these severe episodes. But most of the state, except far-northern counties, remains drier than normal.
Soil moisture conditions in the southern half of the state are generally at the fifth percentile, meaning the soils at the end of May would be wetter 95 out of 100 years. CAES News
No relief
The drought conditions now gripping the southern two-thirds of Georgia are expected to last through the summer, with a chance conditions could worsen through at least the middle of August.
The splintered remains of a tree stand in front of a tornado damaged home off Georgia Highway 92 in Spalding County, Ga. The area was hit by one of many tornadoes that struck central Georgia shortly after midnight on April 28, 2011. CAES News
Fatal weather
Fifteen Georgians were among the hundreds who lost their lives last week in the deadly string of tornadoes that tore through the Southeast. Thousands more escaped with little more than their lives as storms left cities in ruins from Texas to Virginia.
Golf ball sized hail CAES News
March severe weather
Temperatures were above normal across Georgia in March. Rainfall was highly variable, from a very wet month in Atlanta to dry conditions in southeastern Georgia.