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Fall weather?
Georgia's warm and dry weather continued in October. Drought in southeast Georgia increased and record-high temperatures were tied or set at many locations.
Sun shines brightly through foliage. CAES News
Georgia Weather Update
September was hot and dry in Georgia, with many locations setting daytime temperature records. Several locations had the hottest April-through-September period on record.
To stay informed during bad weather, every household needs a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, radio that broadcasts up-to-date details about tornadoes, thunderstorms, flash floods or tropical weather. And, make sure to stock up on fresh batteries in case there is a power outage. CAES News
Weather safety
The word “drought” is back on Georgians’ lips. Moist relief this time of year will only come from tropical storms or hurricanes, which bring their own troubles, but Georgians need to be prepared for bad weather year-round.
Georgia drought speads
Mild to moderate drought conditions have expanded over the past month to include much of west and south Georgia. With temperatures remaining above normal and rainfall below normal, soils continue to dry across the entire state.
Summer nights
This past summer was one of the warmest on record for Georgia. It wasn’t that the daytime high temperatures were that unusual; it was the warm nighttime temperatures that set records.
Bright sunshine. CAES News
Summer sizzle
Georgia summers are notoriously hot. But this summer has been a record-setter, with August capping a string of months with temperatures significantly above average.
Soil moisture conditions in the southern half of the state are generally at the fifth percentile, meaning the soils at the end of May would be wetter 95 out of 100 years. CAES News
Mild drought
Georgia has remained free of drought for more than a year. But drought conditions have returned to north-central, west-central and southwest Georgia.
University of Georgia turfgrass specialist Brian Schwartz drinks water to stay hydrated during the 2010 UGA Turfgrass Field Day held in Griffin, Ga. CAES News
Heat stroke prevention
Adam Miller of Dalton, Ga., gained five pounds over the weekend. By Wednesday, he had lost seven pounds. The college football player’s weight drastically fluctuates during the first weeks of intense, sweaty summertime practice.
Three participants in the 2010 UGA Turfgrass Field Day take a break from the heat to hydrate and cool off. CAES News
Record heat
Anyone who dared a toe outdoors in July knew that the heat started in June turned up in July, which was an extreme weather month. Above-normal temperatures ruled with some record highs being broken. Some record lows were set, too.
Summer dries Georgia
The current La Niña pattern is associated with dry and warm winters across much of the Southeast.