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Squash vine borer larva inside squash vine. CAES News
Tips and tricks to beating the squash vine borer
You can have tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers galore; but no backyard garden is complete without summer squash.
Fresh vegetables at a vendor stand at the Athens Farmers Market in Athens, Ga. CAES News
Insects at the farmers market shouldn't bug you out.
Farmers markets offer the best of local, fresh produce throughout Georgia. But all those mouth-watering vegetables straight from the field sometimes come with slimy little surprises — bugs.
A European Pepper Moth found in Tifton, Ga. in October 2011. CAES News
New invasive species spotted in 2011
A new insect thought to threaten Georgia's pepper production at the moment poses a greater danger to lantana - a popular landscape plant.
Shade grown peppers in Tifton research plot. Researcher: Juan Carlos Diaz-Perez. CAES News
Longer, improved pepper production with shade cloth
As the seasons turn, commercial bell pepper growers in the Southeast share a common foe: the sun.
Georgia's Vidalia onions are available to purchase now. To keep their sweet taste around all year long, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension food safety experts say to store them in the freezer. CAES News
Vidalia season
Shoppers across the country crave Georgia’s signature sweet onions, but sometimes they want that sweetness in a smaller package. Georgia’s Vidalia onion farmers have spent their last few growing seasons working to produce smaller versions of their prized onions, which are typically some of the largest onion varieties in the produce department.
A vegetable garden in Butts Co., Ga. CAES News
Blooms need bees
When it comes to growing vegetables, sometimes having insects in the garden can be a good thing.
Aphids vs. wasps
Nature is a system of checks and balances, as is the case between aphids and wasps. Aphids feed on plants; wasps lay eggs inside aphids, killing them and increasing plant production. Some aphids harbor bacterial symbionts, or smaller organisms that live in close association with a host, that provide protection by killing the internally developing wasps. Wasps are able to decipher which aphids are infected and use superparasitism to override the poison.
A young visitor to the UGA Pavilion at the 2011 Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Ga., Oct. 19 learns about giant cockroaches. CAES News
Expo weathers on
Despite an uncomfortable mix of wet, cold and windy weather, North America’s premier farm show, the Sunbelt Ag Expo, marched on this week in Moultrie, Ga. More than 70,000 visitors perused the wears of 1,200 vendors, a North Carolina farmer was tapped as the Southeast’s top and land-grant universities brought their messages to the masses.
A canteloupe grows on a vine in a central Georgia backyard garden. CAES News
Safer produce
Outbreaks of listeria monocytogenes are commonly linked to deli meats, hot dogs and soft cheeses made with unpasteurized milk. Recent deaths and illnesses in the U.S. have added fresh cantaloupes from Colorado to that list.
Fulton Fresh Mobile Farmer's Market van CAES News
Fulton fresh
University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agents in Fulton County are heading up an effort to deliver fresh produce to areas of the county considered “food deserts,” or areas with poor access to affordable, healthy food.