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Tomato transplants grown from seeds are ready to begin an adjustment to outdoor temperatures. CAES News
Grow From Seed
Growing plants from seed can save gardeners money and vastly increase the varieties that can be grown in a backyard garden. Gardeners can grow several transplants for the price of a few, store-bought plants, and the selection of varieties for sale is often limited.
Building a raised bed garden can be the perfect way to have a garden in limited space where the soil conditions are poor. But there are drawbacks to raised bed gardens, like the soil dries out quickly. CAES News
Raised Beds
Backyard gardeners with limited space may want to try gardening in raised beds. University of Georgia horticulturist David Berle says they are perfect for gardeners who have a “tough, urban site” where the soil conditions are not ideal.
Photos of seeds available at a recent seed swap at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. CAES News
Seed Shopping
Starting seeds indoors and growing transplants allows home gardeners to try some new varieties that are not available at local garden centers. Check catalogs produced by seed companies and try some new vegetable varieties that are easy to grow and mature quickly.
A vegetable garden in Butts Co., Ga. CAES News
Perfect Planting Spot
The ideal place for a vegetable garden is a level, well-drained site that receives full sun all day. The site should also get good air circulation and the soil should be loose, fertile and easy to work.
A bumble bee collects pollen from a tomatillo bloom in a Butts Co., Ga., garden. CAES News
Garden Problems
There is nothing more frustrating than planting a vegetable garden and not producing a substantial crop. Numerous problems can contribute to low yields, but, fortunately, most of them can be avoided.
UGA Extension consumer horticulturist Bob Westerfield checks bean plants for signs of disease and insects on the UGA campus in Griffin. Westerfield grows vegetables at work to be prepared to answer home gardener questions. He grows them at home for his dinner table. CAES News
Seed Shopping
Successful gardeners know that a bountiful harvest in the summer begins with proper planning in the spring. When the weather is still too cold to till the soil, seasoned gardeners are indoors ordering specialty seeds and planning what to plant and where.
Garden peas grow in a garden. CAES News
Garden Peas
Gardeners who can’t wait to put seeds in the soil will be glad to know that garden peas, or green peas, will grow in cool, moist weather.
March is the ideal time to plant cauliflower in a spring garden, but it can also be planted in September or October. CAES News
Growing Cauliflower
Move over kale, cauliflower is the new king of the cruciferous vegetables. Popping up on menus, in food magazines and soon at farmers markets, cauliflower is set to become 2015’s ‘it’ vegetable. Sushi, pizza crust, Alfredo sauce, sloppy Joes and fried rice are just some of the foodstuffs people are making with cauliflower.
Fall is not the best time to prune most trees and shrubs. It is best to wait until late winter, around February or early March. CAES News
Winter Projects
Bleak winter landscapes and cold, uninviting temperatures can try a gardener’s patience. It doesn’t have to be that way.
Seeds available at a recent seed swap at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia CAES News
Organic Seeds
The market for organic produce increases every year as does the number of farmers stepping up to meet that demand, but the number of seed companies catering this growing market is still relatively limited.