Structural Pest Control Training Facility

The Georgia Structural Pest Control Training Facility was built on the UGA Campus in Griffin to train and educate termite control companies on the proper treatment of homes and businesses against termites. The Training Facility is a 3,000+ square foot, partially-built, cut-away home used to train and educate termite control professionals, regulatory inspectors, and UGA Extension personnel on the proper, safe application of termite control products and products used for the control of pests in homes, restaurants, and schools. An addition to the facility was made in 2007, allowing termite control training programs to be expanded. In 2013 the facility's size and scope doubled. Components were added that will allow the entomologists to provide programs in Commercial Pest Control, School IPM, Bed Bugs (a full bedroom has been added), and Residential Pest Control (a full home kitchen has been added). Each year in Georgia, approximately 1,200 pest management firms (including 100 new businesses) employing 8,000 to 10,000 Georgians serve the diverse needs of Georgia homeowners and businesses by ensuring an environment free of termites and other pests. Employees from several hundred pest control companies in dozens of Georgia cities have attended the workshops. Participants also have come from Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi and Maryland.