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This page serves as the main source of all information on club expenditures for CAES students. If you have any questions, please contact Dana Nash.


Student Activity Fee Guidelines

Student Activity Fees are restricted and must follow certain rules for payment and reimbursement. Review our simplified guide.

Student Activity Fee Guidelines

Payment Reimbursement

Receiving a reimbursement or making a payment can be complicated. Review our guide for a step-by-step guide of the procedure.

Reimbursement Guide

Account Information

There are three types of accounts available to UGA student clubs.

Student Activity Fee Accounts

Clubs must apply by September 30 to receive student activity fee allocations. These funds are distributed to UGA student clubs that are collected through the student activity fee every student has the option to pay at the beginning of each semester. These funds do not roll over from year to year.

Student Agency Accounts

Student Agency Accounts are handled through the Tate Student Center Business Office. The funds in these accounts do not have a deadline by which to spend the balance, because funds in these accounts roll over from year to year. A new university policy requires that clubs who wish to receive student activity fees close all outside accounts. This student agency account option will allow for clubs to retain their funds from year to year and still receive student activity fees. Reimbursements for agency accounts should be made through the Tate Center Business Office. Faculty can be reimbursed through this account.

Apply for a Student Agency Account

Outside Checking Account

Clubs who have an outside checking account are not eligible to receive student activity funds, but are still allowed to apply for the Eterna Grant from the CAES Alumni Association.

Additional Funding

All CAES clubs, including those with outside checking accounts may apply for Eterna Grant funds from the CAES Alumni Association.

Download the Application


Any funds generated through donations, dues, fundraising can be deposited directly into the agency account at the Tate Cashier Window. If fundraising takes place on UGA property, approval is needed. Money to establish a change drawer for an event cannot come from an agency account.  The organization will have to come up with their start up funds. Checks should be made payable to the University of Georgia or UGA.

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