Payment Reimbursement

All payments must be made by May 1.


Step 1

If you are requesting funds from student activity fees, review our Student Activity Fee Guidelines. Then proceed to Step 2.

If you are looking for a reimbursement from a Student Agency Account, contact the Tate Business Office.


Step 2

Download the Student Activity Fee Allocated Account Payment form.

Fill out form


Step 3

Supporting documents

  • Tape all original receipts to white, letter size, printer paper
  • Include an invitation, flyer or e-mail from the event


Step 4

Check to see if any additional forms are needed.


If the event had any entertainment including speakers, live music etc.

Fill out form

Food Justification

If your expenses include food

Fill out form

Non-employee Payment

If the student filing for a reimbursement is not an employee of UGA

Fill out form

Student Travel

If seeking reimbursement for travel expenses

Fill out form


Step 5

Print all the forms and bring additional supporting documentation from Step 2 to Dana Nash in Conner Hall room 102.

Conner Hall
147 Cedar Street
Room 102
Athens, GA 30602