Reserve Student Activity Center

Student Activity Center at Four Towers
Student Activity Center at Four Towers


The CAES Activity Center is housed within the Four Towers Building, which originally served as a dairy barn and then later a poultry research center. Located at the east entrance to Campus on College Station Road, the CAES Activity Center provides CAES students a place to meet, study, relax and call their own.

The building hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. including both Saturday and Sunday with the exception of gameday weekends when the building is closed.

To maximize our security efforts, we limit key card access to club presidents only. Please have your president contact the Office of External Relations to obtain access. Please have your UGAID readily available.

To reserve the use of the large conference room in advance:

  • Call the Office of External Relations at (706) 542-3390
  • Email¬†
  • Stop by our office in Four Towers, Room 117

Listed are a few housekeeping rules that we have implemented when using the activity center. While we do not charge a fee for the use of our space, we do ask that it be taken care of just like it was your own.

  1. Campus security will be dispatched to the building if the doors are propped open. Therefore, please make sure that you do not, under any circumstance, prop them open resulting in an unnecessary communication from the UGA Police department.
  2. Your department/club is responsible for bringing any equipment that you might need for your meeting such as projectors, laptops, easels, flip charts, etc.
  3. Help us make sure the building is ready for the next group by cleaning up after your meeting!
    • Return the furniture to its original location. Please do not leave the tables/chairs stacked up against the walls. This is causing unnecessary wear and tear on the paint resulting in additional charges.
    • Extra tables and chairs should be placed in the closet located in the hallway of the building.
    • Remove all trash from the area. There is a trashcan in the kitchen along with two in the hallway available for your use.
    • Clean up the kitchen! Cleaning supplies are located under the kitchen sink to assist you. Please wash and put away dishes. Please wipe down the counters.
    • The refrigerator will be cleaned out on the last day of every month. Make sure you take your refreshments back with you.
    • Our lounge area is not part of the Four Towers Large Conference room. This area is kept available at all times due to the number of students that utilize the area for studying.
    • We have three computers and a black and white printer available for your use. Please note you will have to provide your own paper for the printer.