Student Activity Fee Guidelines

Only students who have paid the student activity fee can be reimbursed for expenses.


Clubs must close outside accounts and present proof to Dana Nash by September 30 to receive student activity fee allocations for the year.

All money must be spent and reimbursement forms turned in to Dana Nash by May 1. No exceptions.

Reimbursements must be completed within 30 days of the expenditure.

Add the student activity fee deadline to your calendar.

Please note that money in this account not spent by May 1 will NOT roll over to the following year.

Budget Breakdown

20 percent maximum: food

10 percent maximum: travel

  • Mileage reimbursement is 0.575 per mile.
  • Per diem maximum is $28
    • $6 breakfast
    • $7 lunch
    • $15 dinner


Clubs may spend student activity fees on


  • Food may only make up 20 percent of budget when paying with student activity fee funds.
  • Meals for club members, guests, and speakers within perdiem rates with invoices/receipts


Student Event: event sponsored by a recognized student group and events open to the general student body such as a concert, lecture, variety show, performance or coffee hour.

Attendees: students, volunteers, and employees whose participation is required

  • Member recognition events such as end of the year banquets allow for recognition of students only.
  • Event space on campus may be reserved through campus reservations or rented through the Georgia Center.
  • Possible off campus event rentals can be found at the Pit and State Botanical Gardens among other options in Athens.


  • Travel may make up only 10% of the budget when paying with student activity fees.
    •    This does not include registration fees.
  • A maximum per diem of $28 ($6 for breakfast, $7 for lunch and $15 for dinner) is established for meals allowance associated with student travel for any program funded in whole or part by student activity fees. Where approved, reimbursement will be for up to three meals daily.
  • The mileage rate reimbursement ins .575 per mile.

Clubs may NOT spend student activity fees on

  • Scholarships
  • Miles driven from home to campus
  • Snacks or break items in addition to travel meals.
    • Meals included in registration fees and airfares should be excluded from the perdiem amount.
  • Student travel under any of the following conditions
    • Travel costs are over the allowance of the budget (10 percent)
    • Travel was not approved through Dana Nash
    • Student is unenrolled


Payment Guide

Club members, not faculty or advisers, are required to purchase items if requesting funds from student activity fees.

CAES Academic Affairs can help club members with paying invoices, submitting travel requests, and requesting reimbursements. Please contact Dana Nash to discuss the appropriate payment method before you purchase.

Direct charges

  • Intra-departmental charges: There are a number of services provided by UGA that will not require any effort by the organization treasurer for payment. The Business Office will make an intra-departmental charge of your account for the service acquired.  Those services most often utilized by student organizations are: Tate Center Print and Copy Services, Tate Center Equipment Set-up and Room Reservations, University Bookstore, Campus Mail Service, Central Office Supply, Campus Telephone, University Printing and Central Duplicating.
  • Intra-university payments:  There are services provided by Departments within UGA which result in a single charge to your organization. Attach the required form and original invoice, one additional copy, and any other supporting documents with appropriate signatures to the Business Office for processing and payment. Those services most often utilized by student organizations: University Food and Catering Services, Georgia Center for Continuing Education, Photographic Services. This method of payment requires supporting documentation.


P-Cards can be used to make purchases from any vendor who accepts a VISA card either by telephone, fax, Internet, or US Mail.

P-Card purchases that will be charged to a student activity account must be processed by the Dean of Students Business Office, a CAES department may not make purchases using a P-card on behalf of students.

Can be purchased with a P-card

  • Subscriptions
  • Repairs/Maintenance/Service
  • Office supplies
  • Facilities rental
  • Software
  • Printing off campus
  • Expendable supplies
  • Office furniture excluding filing/storage cabinets
  • Postage stamps
  • Registration fees
  • Grocery food items
  • Program supplies

Cannot be purchased with a P-card

  • Entertainment (including performers and speakers)
  • Travel expenses
  • Gasoline
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Items of personal use
  • Cash advances
  • Construction or renovation
  • Installment purchases
  • Leases
  • Memberships
  • Professional Services
  • Inventoried equipment