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Chatham County:
Agriculture & Natural Resources


The Coastal Homeowner Landscrpe and Turf Monthly Update is a monthly newsletter that advises you when it is time to do various chores around the house and yard. It lets you know when to fertilize, prune, lay sod and plant your vegetables and more. You can email David Linvill at and write 'subscribe' in the subject line to receive the monthly newsletter or you can use the links below to download the monthly issues.

Testing Services

Soil Testing for Home Lawns, Gardens, and Wildlife Food Plots

Soils tests provide information on the soil’s actual nutrient status. Test results are used to determine the amount and kind of nutrients that should be added for the best growth of lawn, garden, and other types of plants.

A good soil sample should be representative of the area: backyard, front yard, shrubs, trees, etc. For information on how to take a soil sample, visit this website.

Cost: $8.00 for each routine sample. Samples should be dropped off at the Chatham County Office at 124 Bull St. , Suite 120 or Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens, 2 Canebrake Rd.

If special analysis is needed be sure to let us know.

Results will be mailed 2-3 weeks telling you what kind of fertilizer to use and when to use it, how much and more.

Soil can be tested any time during the year: however, be sure to sample well in advance of planting or spring greenup. This is important on areas where lime is likely to be needed.

Sampling Protocol for Testing Drinking Water

This is a list of various test, required sample volume, type sampling container and the procedure on how to collect the sample. Note that arsenic and uranium are included in this list. For more information, download this flyer.

Water Sample Costs:
Salinity Test $16.00
Lead Test $36.00
E-coil Test $36.00 (must be sent within 48 hours in special container)

If special analysis is needed be sure to let us know.


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