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UGA Cooperative Extension

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Agriculture & Natural Resources

* Coastal Homeowner Landscape and Turf Monthly Update

Soil and Water Testing

Whether you'd like to increase your crop yield, grow healthier roses, test the quality of your drinking water, or make sure your creek isn't polluted, we can help.

Sampling Protocol for Testing Drinking Water:This is a list of various test, required sample volume, type sampling container and the procedure on how to collect the sample. Note that arsenic and uranium are included in this list. For more information click on the link below:

New Publication: publication link

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Water Smart- Managing a Water Smart Landscape-Without Irrigation
Outdoor Tips-click here for flyer

For more water tips go to

Conserve Water Georgia

Georgia Water Wise Council

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Water Sense

Web Links of Interest

Camellia Web

Georgia Urban Agriculture Center

Coastal Master Gardeners

Georgia Master Gardeners

American Bamboo Society

Georgia Turf

Southeastern Palm Society

Southeastern Camellia Society

Historic Bamboo Farm & Coastal Gardens

Environmental News

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