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Spring gardening 2017

Published on 03/09/2017

Gardening can be fun for all ages. Whether you're a novice at putting your plants in the ground, or you're an expert who loves the challenge of making things grow, every one can use advice. This collection of spring gardening articles from University of Georgia experts is sure to provide timely advice on a wide range of topics, like potatoes, tomatoes and irrigation. These articles are written by for Georgians with scientific advice from researchers within the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Happy gardening!

Garden Placement Bob Westerfield offers three factors that all home gardeners should consider before planting. Published March 09, 2017Author:

Selecting the best place to grow your garden is essential to producing high-yielding crops.

Turf Aerification Core aerification can benefit lawns that suffered through last year's drought. Published March 09, 2017Author:

If ever there was a year to seriously consider core aerification, this is it!

Hard Squash UGA's Tim Coolong says planting of hard squash should be done in April. Published March 09, 2017Author:

Georgia growers produce hard squash in the spring to avoid tremendous virus pressure in the fall, according to University of Georgia Cooperative Extension vegetable specialist Tim Coolong.

Growing Potatoes Practicing good rotations with potatoes is essential to avoid potato scab and other soilborne diseases. Published March 09, 2017Author:

Growing a good potato starts with good seed. University of Georgia Cooperative Extension vegetable specialist Tim Coolong advises Georgia gardeners to find a reputable dealer or seed source to obtain healthy, disease-free seed stock. Ability permitting, the seed stock should be kept between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit for a couple of weeks to initiate sprouting.

Deer Problem Damage caused by deer on plants is characterized by a jagged or torn look on stems and twigs. Published March 09, 2017Author:

Georgia’s whitetail deer have reached a nutritional stress period and the current drought situation only compounds the issue. There tends to be two nutritional stress periods during the year for whitetail: the end of summer and the end of winter. Right now, we are at the precipice of the winter stress period.

Armadillo Control Burrowing done by armadillos can kill ornamental plants or trees. Published March 09, 2017Author:

As the armadillo spreads farther north, the common question becomes, “How do I control these animals?” Armadillos feed primarily on invertebrates under the soil surface and the rooting action that takes place while they forage often damages lawns and landscapes.

AGL 2017 Up and coming Georgia leaders honored at the University of Georgia's AGL leadership recognition event. Published March 09, 2017Author:

After two years of learning about Georgia’s largest industry and developing leadership skills, the second class of the Advancing Georgia’s Leaders in Agriculture and Forestry (AGL) program has graduated.

Seed Swap Rock Eagle Seed Swap set for March 18. Published March 09, 2017Author:

It may be too cold in parts of Georgia to put plants in the ground, but it’s just the right time to start seedlings. Those looking for new varieties or just a little gardening inspiration can join gardeners from across northeast and middle Georgia at the Rock Eagle Seed Swap on Saturday, March 18.

Frost Warnings Gardeners who plant early need to be prepared to protect their young plants against frost. Published March 09, 2017 5FEC Author:

With spring temperatures hitting Georgia in February this year, many gardeners may be itching to get their transplants in the ground or may have already planted some early crops.

Fire Ant Treatments Fire ants won't go away on their own; treat for them now and reclaim the backyard before summer. Published March 09, 2017Author:

Nothing ruins a good cookout or run through the sprinklers like a mound of fire ants. With warmer weather around the corner, early spring is the time to tackle fire ant problems before they spoil summer fun.

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