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Spring gardening 2017

Published on 03/09/2017

Gardening can be fun for all ages. Whether you're a novice at putting your plants in the ground, or you're an expert who loves the challenge of making things grow, every one can use advice. This collection of spring gardening articles from University of Georgia experts is sure to provide timely advice on a wide range of topics, like potatoes, tomatoes and irrigation. These articles are written by for Georgians with scientific advice from researchers within the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Happy gardening!

Warm Winter Winds Down February 2017 is Georgia thirteenth straight month of above normal temperatures. Published March 09, 2017Author:

February wrapped up an abnormally warm winter in Georgia, with average temperatures ranging from 6 to 9 degrees above normal throughout the state.

Safe Birds Avian influenza detected in Tennessee commercial poultry flock. Published March 09, 2017Author:

Avian influenza has not been found in Georgia yet, but officials with the Georgia Department of Agriculture urge chicken producers, especially backyard flock owners, to remain vigilant and follow established safeguards to protect birds and their owners.

Double Take Storm New flowering quince varieties produce blooms as big as tennis balls. Published March 09, 2017Author:

Double Take Storm flowering quinces have the most shocking blooms you ever imagined. Three selections from the Mountain Horticultural Crops Research and Extension Center are ‘Scarlet Storm,’ ‘Pink Storm’ and ‘Orange Storm.’ They are all double flowered and will cause you to first think of a camellia. With a group of three that now fall under a series called Double Take, you will most likely find Double Take ‘Scarlet Storm.’

Cornea Breakthrough Research may lead to cornea repair in a day, instead of weeks. Published March 08, 2017Author:

Researchers working as part of the University of Georgia’s Regenerative Bioscience Center have developed a new way to identify and sort stem cells that may one day allow clinicians to restore vision to people with damaged corneas using the patient’s own eye tissue. The UGA researchers published their findings in Biophysical Journal.

Local Veggies Compact vegetable varieties make growing produce in small areas easier. Published March 06, 2017Author:

Nothing could be more local –or make you more of a locavore – than eating locally grown produce that comes from your own garden plot. You may be thinking that you don’t have room for a garden, but I assure you that the vegetable garden has become “sweet ‘n’ neat” over the past few years for a couple of reasons.

GGIA Awards Floyd County UGA Extension agent honored by GGIA. Published March 02, 2017Author:

University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agent Keith Mickler recently received the Communicator of the Year Award from the Georgia Green Industry Association (GGIA).

GGIA Awards Director of the Trial Gardens at UGA wins lifetime achievement award from Georgia's green industry. Published March 02, 2017Author:

The Georgia Green Industry Association (GGIA) recently recognized University of Georgia professor John Ruter and UGA Cooperative Extension agent Keith Mickler for their service to the industry.

Conifers Under Pressure Leyland Cypress and other landscape plants still showing signs of drought stress. Published March 02, 2017Author:

Although Georgia has received rainfall over the past few weeks, most of the state is still in a drought. The rain has improved the situation, but whether the rainfall will continue is uncertain.

'Mrs. Schiller's Delight' Beautiful white flowers and berries are bonuses provided by Viburnum obovatum. Published March 02, 2017Author:

‘Mrs. Schiller’s Delight’ is a tough-as-nails workhorse shrub that is pretty much evergreen, but in colder areas, they tend to be semi-evergreen to deciduous.

Concrete Cowboys South Georgia Extension group providing saddles to Pennsylvania-based outreach project Published March 01, 2017Author:

Georgia’s Thomas County 4-H is saddling up to assist at-risk teenagers in Philadelphia in becoming Concrete Cowboys by providing the program with supplies.

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