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Back to School 2017

Published on 07/13/2017

It doesn't seem possible but the 2017-2018 school year is just around the corner. Help kick the school year off right with tips and information from UGA Cooperative Extension. 

Bug Camp Interactive event will be held on the UGA Tifton campus May 30-June 2. Published May 01, 2017Author:

Tift County, Georgia, elementary school students who are buzzing with excitement to attend the University of Georgia Bug Camp are encouraged to apply. Registration for the camp ends this Friday, May 1C53 5.

Graduate Awards Teaching and research awards highlight hard work of CAES graduate students. Published April 28, 2017Author:

The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) is home to more than 500 graduate students. They provide much of the muscle behind the college’s research and teaching accomplishments and serve as the linchpin in many of the college’s most productive laboratories.

STEM Interns STEM academy pairs advanced high school students with UGA scientists. Published April 28, 2017Author:

Last summer, seven seniors from Pike County High School (PCHS) in Zebulon, Georgia, with an aptitude for science made a commitment to work alongside University of Georgia Griffin campus scientists three days a week for the entire school year. This month, they will complete their yearlong partnership.

17-year Cicadas After 17 years, Brood VI periodical cicadas set to emerge in far northern Georgia. Published April 27, 2017Author:

What has large, red eyes, translucent wings and an undulating, 7-kilohertz chirp that sounds like the background music to a horror movie? Georgians can find the answer over the next few weeks by traveling north into the state’s mountains to witness the emergence of the latest brood of 17-year periodical cicadas.

Research Winner UGA's research community recognized plant breeder Katrien Devos' work to improve food security for subsistence farming communities. Published April 27, 2017Author:

University of Georgia plant breeder and geneticist Katrien Devos’ work unraveling the mysteries of pearl millet aims to make subsistence farming communities more food-secure. The pioneering and globally engaged nature of her work earned her one of UGA’s top research awards: the Creative Research Medal.

Ag Entreprenuer Student's remote moisture sensor design helps snag $10,000 in capital for budding precision agriculture business. Published April 27, 2017Author:

The key to maximizing water conservation and a lush landscape is an informed use of water. University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) horticulture student Jesse Lafian developed a web-connected soil moisture sensor to help landscape management companies monitor irrigation and enable them to use water wisely.

Compost Critters Worms, raccoons and ants: how to diagnose compost problems by looking at the biome in your pile. Published April 27, 2017Author:

Gardeners are likely to see a whole community of living things in their compost piles — from millipedes and roaches to worms and small mammals. While most of this activity is natural and great for compost, some uninvited guests can indicate a problem with the compost pile.

Perfecting the Pile Time to get dirty: May 7–13 is International Compost Awareness Week. Published April 27, 2017Author:

With higher temperatures across Georgia, May is the ideal time to consider building a compost bin. The second week of May, May 7–13, is International Compost Awareness Week. University of Georgia Cooperative Extension offices across the state can supply advice for homeowners who want to start to make the most of their food and yard waste and improve their soil.

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Fuzzy Deutzia Make the old-fashioned fuzzy deutzia a priority. Your landscape deserves it. Published April 27, 2017Author:

My friend Gerald Klingaman, retired horticulturist with the University of Arkansas, uses the term "deutzia renaissance" for the new love surrounding this fuzzy heirloom that has been around for ages. If you haven’t discovered the old-fashioned fuzzy deutzia, then make it a high priority.

Ozias-Akins Honored UGA professor recognized for her advanced biotechnology work to improve peanut. Published April 27, 2017Author:

University of Georgia Professor Peggy Ozias-Akins has been awarded the title of Distinguished Research Professor, an honor awarded to UGA faculty recognized internationally for their contributions to knowledge and whose work promises to foster continued creativity in their discipline. She and her colleagues have created new and improved plant varieties that are higher yielding, more disease resistant, more nutritious or have greater ornamental value.

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