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Emergency Preparedness 2017

Published on 09/07/2017

Did you know that University of Georgia Cooperative Extension has a library of information on how to prepare for and recover from natural disasters and household emergencies? From packing an emergency preparedness kit to rehabbing a water logged landscape, Georgians can find the emergency information they need by visiting extension.uga.edu/topic-areas/timely-topics/emergencies.html .

Fall Gardening 2017

Published on 08/31/2017

University of Georgia Cooperative Extension offers fall gardening advice through this year's Fall Gardening 2017 packet. These articles are written specifically for Georgia gardens, from novice to advanced 'green thumbs.' For more help on specific topics, contact your local UGA Extension agent or read the UGA Extension publications at http://extension.uga.edu/publications.html.

Northern Nut Growers Association August conference to highlight building sustainable, efficient agricultural practices. Published July 11, 2017Author:

Sustainable, efficient agricultural practices will be featured at this year’s Northern Nut Growers Association (NNGA) annual conference, which will be held at the Tifton Campus Conference Center from Aug. 13-16.

Teenage Brains Teenagers' bodies may look older, but their brains are not finished growing yet. Published July 11, 2017Author:

Think back to your teenage years. Did you feel awkward, especially given the changes with your body and emotions? Today’s teens are no different. They are quiet, forgetful and sometimes even surly. They consume large amounts of food and sleep all the time. If I sound like I know them well, I do. I have two teenagers in my home and I have to remind myself daily that they are not little adults. They are experiencing monumental changes that affect their interactions.

Return to Structure Getting children ready for structured school year schedules starts in the last weeks of summer. Published July 11, 2017Author:

Summer break is almost over. That’s right — no more late nights, naps during the day and, my favorite, living without a schedule. While I hate to remind you that our time will no longer be our own, I hope to make it easier for parents, as well as teachers, to return to their respective routines, which includes getting children back to school. As parents, we are instrumental in our children’s educational success. There are some things we can do to prepare little ones for success in the classroom.

Stop Bullying Online or in school, parents can help build children's ability to deter bullying. Published July 11, 2017Author:

Today, bullies have more ways to inflict mental and physical abuse than they did just 10 years ago, said Cheryl Varnadoe, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development specialist. Fortunately, children being bullied also have more outlets in which to seek help and refuge from the abuse.

Veggie Eaters Serve, and continue to serve, fruits and vegetables to encourage kids to eat them. Published July 11, 2017Author:

Increasing a child’s exposure to a new food increases the likelihood the child will consume it and become healthier in the process, according to MaryBeth Hornbeck, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agent in Rockdale County.  To encourage children between the ages of 2 and 6 to eat produce, Hornbeck says parents should be vigilant and introduce new fruits and vegetables to their children.

Cool June Rainy June helps and hinders farmers across the state. Published July 06, 2017Author:

June’s heavy rains meant that many Georgia farmers were able to cut back on irrigation, but the rain also contributed to fungal diseases in vegetable crops and hampered vegetable farmers’ harvests.

2017 Hay Contest Southeastern Hay Contest sets the stage for farmers to show off their best hay. Published July 06, 2017 5FE9 Author:

While laymen may look at a farm field dotted with round bales and think that those bales are all the same, forage farmers and livestock producers know the truth. Hay quality varies widely from producer to producer and from year to year.

'Prairie Sun' This black-eyed Susan's "eye" is actually green and matches well with blue-flowering partner plants. Published July 05, 2017Author:

Fourteen years ago, ‘Prairie Sun,’ one of the most striking gloriosa daisies ever, was chosen as an All-America Selections award winner. This followed on the heels of ‘Indian Summer,’ another outstanding selection, and might have garnered all the love and attention it deserved. Thanks to progressive greenhouse growers and a new generation of landscape color professionals, this outstanding Rudbeckia hirta is generating a lot of dazzle in both commercial and homeowners’ landscapes. 

New Fruit Pathologist New UGA pathologist Jonathan Oliver to specialize in multiple fruit commodities. Published July 05, 2017Author:

Jonathan Oliver’s study of blueberries and his homegrown knowledge of citrus makes the Palatka, Florida, native a valuable addition to the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Dove Season Prep Prepare fields for dove season by planting crops like corn, sorghum or millet. Published July 04, 2017Author:

Opening day of dove season is a little over two months away, so it’s time to start planning for and planting dove fields. A prudently planned dove field can provide family entertainment and economic benefits through most of the dove season, which starts Sept. 2.

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