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Spring gardening 2017

Published on 03/09/2017

Gardening can be fun for all ages. Whether you're a novice at putting your plants in the ground, or you're an expert who loves the challenge of making things grow, every one can use advice. This collection of spring gardening articles from University of Georgia experts is sure to provide timely advice on a wide range of topics, like potatoes, tomatoes and irrigation. These articles are written by for Georgians with scientific advice from researchers within the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Happy gardening!

Flavor of Georgia 2017 Chamblee food entrepreneurs wow judges with naturally sweet, creamy pecan butter. Published March 22, 2017Author:

Jaime and Harry Foster, owners of Georgia Grinders Nut Butters, walked away with the grand prize from the University of Georgia’s 2017 Flavor of Georgia Contest for their Georgia Grinders Pecan Butter.

Pecan Course UGA Extension offering day-long training for farmers looking to start planting pecan trees. Published March 21, 2017Author:

University of Georgia Cooperative Extension will host the Beginners Pecan Production Course on Tuesday, April 18, at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center.

Peanut Crop Some of Georgia's peanut crop estimated to be produced under shortened rotations. Published March 21, 2017Author:

Georgia’s peanut crop is expected to exceed 700,000 acres this year, which increases both hope for income improvement and fear of loss to disease, according to Scott Monfort, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension peanut agronomist.

Georgia Corn Crop UGA Extension estimates Georgia's corn acreage to be between 330,000 and 340,000 acres. Published March 21, 2017Author:

Georgia corn growers can expect to face challenges in pricing this year, according to Dewey Lee, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension feed grain agronomist.

Dogwood Genetics Researchers looking for public help to map the genome of spring-flowering dogwood trees Published March 16, 2017Author:

Dogwoods are one of the most popular landscape trees in the American South, but little is known about the genetics of these spring-blooming beauties. Researchers at the University of Georgia are hoping to recruit an army of citizen scientists this spring to help collect data that will help them better understand genetic variation among dogwood trees.

Drift Roses Drift roses: from the same folks who brought gardeners Knock Out roses. Published March 16, 2017Author:

If you love Knock Out roses, you will relish growing Drift roses. They come from Conard-Pyle/Star Roses and Plants, the same folks who brought us the Knock Out roses. The Drift roses come in a variety of colors, ‘Red Drift,’ ‘Pink Drift’ (double pink), ‘Apricot Drift,’ ‘Coral Drift,’ ‘Peach Drift,’ ‘White Drift’ and ‘Popcorn Drift.'

FABricate Winners UGA students win $9,000 in prize money to help further their entrepreneurial dreams. Published March 16, 2017Author:

From a smart irrigation system for the home landscape to a new recipe for protein-packed meals on the go, University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences students have some great ideas.

Fight the Flu Fight the flu with frequent hand washing and by cleaning and sanitizing. Published March 15, 2017Author:

Cold, flu, bronchitis and other viruses have affected a number of Georgians this winter. University of Georgia Cooperative Extension offers a few tips to help beat the bugs this flu season and keep your family flu-free.

000B 5FF4 Start Seeds Now Planting seeds allows gardeners to try varieties not available at garden centers. Published March 15, 2017Author:

Even though there are still chilly days ahead, you can plan now for your spring vegetable garden. Experiment with new and new-to-you vegetables by starting plants from seeds indoors.

Winter Gardening It's too early to fertilize trees, shrubs and dormant lawns, like bermudagrass. Published March 15, 2017Author:

Remember, the best time to plant new trees and shrubs is in the fall or early winter. As far as pruning goes, the ideal time to prune fruit trees, landscape trees and shrubs is in late winter prior to bud break. It’s still too early to fertilize trees, shrubs and dormant lawns, like bermudagrass. Pre-emergent herbicides should be applied to lawns before annual weeds start to germinate.

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