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Spotted wing drosophila Practices like heavy pruning, controlled burns of wooded areas surrounding blueberry orchards, and the use of weed mat as a ground cover are effective tools in SWD management. Published January 19, 2018Author:

University of Georgia entomologist Ashfaq Sial advises Georgia blueberry farmers to manage the spotted wing drosophila (SWD), the crop’s most destructive pest, by incorporating cultural practices into farming.

Sod Prices Georgia turfgrass growers say the price of sod should remain steady this year. Published January 18, 2018Author:

Georgia’s supply of sodded turfgrass will sufficiently cover demand this year, and the delivery cost is not expected to rise, according to the Annual Georgia Sod Producers Inventory Survey conducted by Clint Waltz, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension turfgrass specialist, and the Georgia Urban Ag Council.

Avian Flu Alert Backyard chickens at risk as avian flu detected in wild duck in south Georgia. Published January 17, 2018Author:

At the end of December 2017, a strain of the H7 avian influenza was found in a green-winged teal, a widespread North American duck, collected in McIntosh County on the Georgia coast. 

'Kanjiro' Camellia The longevity of this camellia cultivar is a testament to both its character and performance in the landscape. Published January 16, 2018Author:

In Japanese, the word “kanjiro” means “you must feel.” I’m not sure if that means “to touch” or “to experience,” but the ‘Kanjiro’ camellia is certainly one to experience. The ‘Kanjiro’ camellia is known botanically as “Camellia hiemalis” and debuted in 1954. The longevity of this camellia cultivar, which is entering its 64th year, is a testament to both its character and performance in the landscape.

Georgia Pecan Crop Damage from Irma could impact Georgia's crop next growing season. Published January 16, 2018Author:

Hurricane Irma, downgraded to a tropical storm when it entered the state, damaged about 30 percent of Georgia’s pecan crop, and the storm’s effects could linger into next growing season, according to University of Georgia Cooperative Extension pecan specialist Lenny Wells.

Pesticide Safety Outreach Pesticide safety emerges as highlight of international environmental health conference. Published January 14, 2018Author:

In the U.S., the most toxic pesticides can only be purchased and used by those who’ve undergone rigorous training. In some other countries, that’s not the case. Mickey Taylor, who coordinates Georgia’s Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP) through University of Georgia Cooperative Extension, recently attended a conference in Qui Nhon, Vietnam. There, Taylor discussed best practices for implementing pesticide regulation and education programs in emerging economies.

Food Retail Revolution Shoppers will soon be able to scan their own purchases, while they shop, in retail grocery stores. Published January 10, 2018Author:

A second food retail revolution, unlike the first, which was spearheaded by new entrants, is being led by existing industry leaders. For this reason, in addition to lessons learned from the many failures so far, the second-generation revolution is likely to succeed.

Landscape Resolutions Having trouble getting to the gym? Consider these gardening resolutions to improve your landscape in 2018. Published January 10, 2018Author:

The new year is a time for making new personal resolutions. Consider also making some resolutions to prevent problems in the garden throughout 2018. These gardening resolutions could even be easier to keep than personal resolutions like eating less and exercising more.

Christmas Cactus With care, Christmas cactus can be kept for years and passed d 0022 own to children and grandchildren. 5FF3 Published January 09, 2018Author:

Most gardeners know that getting poinsettias to rebloom is a task that is beyond formidable. However, the Christmas cactus, which is rare in beauty, is actually easy to grow and rebloom, maybe even for the rest of your life.

Whitetail Nutrition Natural forage and supplemental food sources combine to keep whitetail deer thriving. Published January 09, 2018Author:

While deer can survive for a relatively long period of time on little to no food, the effects of a nutritional deficiency can be seen for up to two years after the deficiency. This often results in decreased body weights, decreased birth weights and decreased antler mass across the population.

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