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Agricultural Development CAES alumnus helps jump start food science master's degree student's career with conference support. Published June 23, 2017Author:

When Maria Moore learned that scholarships were available to attend the Future Leaders Forum sponsored by the Association for International Agriculture and Rural Development (AIARD), she immediately applied.

Watermelon Diseases Diseases could impact yields if farmers don't maintain a stringent treatment program this growing season. Published June 22, 2017Author:

June’s rainfall increased the potential for diseases to strike south Georgia watermelon fields, according to University of Georgia Cooperative Extension experts.

Ancient Find UGA Extension agent uncovers an ancient relic while taking a walk through his garden. Published June 22, 2017Author:

While digging in his home garden, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agent Josh Fuder find what he believes to be an arrowhead. UGA experts say his find is likely used a corner-notch spear point from the Middle Archaic Period (5000-3000 B.C.).

Think Ahead Take preventive measures to fight disease in homegrown vegetables. Published June 22, 2017Author:

Georgia’s hot, muggy summers provide the perfect conditions for diseases to thrive in. University of Georgia Cooperative Extension specialist Elizabeth Little says the secret to fighting diseases in homegrown vegetables is to stay a few steps ahead of them.

Pineapple Lily Small, starry florets bloom from the very resilient and low maintenance pineapple lily. Published June 22, 2017Author:

With blooms that resemble a pineapple, the tropical-looking pineapple lily partners well with canna lilies, bananas and upright elephant ears. It also looks at home with ornamental grasses swaying in the breeze, partnered with drifts of flowers.

Cotton Diseases Infected seed can spread bacterial blight disease in cotton. Published June 22, 2017Author:

In addition to root-knot nematodes and target spot disease, Georgia cotton farmers should be prepared to fight bacterial blight, said University of Georgia Cooperative Extension plant pathologist Bob Kemerait.

Dual Degree Program UGA Tifton graduate heads to Italy to pursue dual master's degree in sustainable agriculture. Published June 22, 2017Author:

Growing up in Tifton, Georgia, Logan Moore knew that he would follow the family tradition of earning his associate degree from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. Remaining in his hometown and earning his bachelor’s degree in agriscience and environmental systems from the University of Georgia Tifton campus made sense, too.  

New to Grapes? UGA Extension specialists will offer aspiring wine makers a crash course on the wine industry August 16. Published June 21, 2017Author:

Georgia’s growing wine industry has an annual impact of more than $7 million on Georgia’s economy, but new growers may have difficulty knowing whether the vineyard business makes sense for them.

Kids Cooking Competition Fulton Fresh's school-aged chefs wow their adult counterparts with cooking skill, creativity and cooperation. Published June 15, 2017Author:

When it comes to grilled cheese sandwiches, there are about as many variations as there are chefs: tangy sandwiches made of cheddar with hearty wheat bread and creamy versions made of smoked Gouda with crusty French bread. The 15 school-aged children who competed at the inaugural Fulton Fresh Kids’ Cooking Competition left no sandwich concept unexplored as they competed in teams and flexed their grilled cheese expertise. 

Forest Herbicide Workshop Workshop will be held at the Tift County UGA Cooperative Extension office. Published June 15, 2017Author:

Foresters, forest herbicide applicators, land managers and landowners interested in maintaining effective forest herbicide programs are encouraged to attend the University of Georgia Daniel B. Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources’ Forest Herbicide Workshop. The workshop will be held on Tuesday, July 18, and Wednesday, July 19, at the Tift County UGA Cooperative Extension office.

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Formerly referred to as FACES, our media newswire continues to feature stories from the CAES news team relating to family, agricultural, consumer and environmental sciences, as well as UGA Extension news.


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