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2000 in Review: Foods
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Jan. 12: 003A Modest Food Price Increases Still Hard For Georgia's Poor 0098 . While many Georgians celebrate the news of low increases in food prices, some Georgians will still struggle.

Jan. 23: 0028 CSAs Bring Farm-fresh Food to Your Door 00B5 . Had it with lettuce that's limp the day after you buy it? There is a way to fresher produce. It's called Community Supported Agriculture.

Feb. 23: 002A Proposed Food Labels Add New Fat Warnings 00A6 . Just when you figured out the new food pyramid and food labels, the Food and Drug Administration is proposing another change.

June 8: 0036 New 'Oven' Cooks Away Microorganisms on Fresh Chicken 00A1 . University of Georgia scientists have found a new way to remove harmful pathogens from raw chicken before you buy it.

June 21: 002E Edible Coatings Make Foods Healthier, Tastier 00A7 . Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose may not sound appetizing. But scientists are making edible food coatings much more appealing.

July 21: 0024 Grim News About Diabetes in Georgia 00B5 . A report by the American Diabetes Association and Georgia Department of Human Resources gave grave statistics about diabetes in Georgia.

Sept. 26: 002D New 'Fake' Fats May Speed Patients' Recovery 0098 . Fat substitutes of the future may do more than reduce your fat intake, thanks to University of Georgia research.

11/20: 002B Study Shows Peanuts, Pecans Good for Heart 00A6 . Peanuts and pecans pack high calories, but researchers have uncovered added value that far outweighs the high calorie count.

11/21: 0028 Fight Fat With Fish, Say AHA Guidelines 00B1 . The American Heart Association's new guidelines to help reduce heart-disease risk recommend: eat more fish to fight high cholesterol.

Dec. 11: 002D UGA Sets $4.4 Million Food Science Expansion 272B . UGA broke ground on a $4.4 million expansion of its Food Science and Technology Building on the Athens campus Dec. 12.

(Brad Haire is the former news editor with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)

(Faith Peppers is the director of public affairs with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)

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