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2001 in Review: Weather
0032 Freezing Temperatures Threaten Blueberry Crop 00EB (January 4, 2001) - Georgia's freaky freezing temperatures haven't hurt the state's blueberry crop yet. But if warm weather arrives soon, it could set up this year's blueberry crop for significant freeze damage later.

0027 Bitter Winter Threatens Elderly Most 00D3 (January 10, 2001) - The oldest Georgians have a hard time remembering a colder winter than this one. They have a hard time contending with the icy cold, too, that threatens their very lives.

0033 Drought Expected to Continue, Likely to Worsen 00A6 (February 22, 2001) - The drought that has gripped Georgia since May 1998 is expected to continue and will likely worsen during the spring and summer.

0032 Cooler, Drier Winter Giving Way to Dry Spring 00DB (March 15, 2001) - The winter months of December, January and February were cooler than normal in most of Georgia, while drier-than-normal conditions continued to aggravate moisture deficits statewide.

002C Drought Has Many Farmers Mulling Future 0115 (May 22, 2001) - If any farmer could make a profit farming, it would have to be Jimmie Lee Moss. But in the fourth straight year of a drought, the Irwin County farmer now questions whether his children and grandchildren should follow in his dusty footsteps.

0022 Rains Benefit Georgia Row Crops 010D (June 19, 2001) - Threatened by another year of continued drought, farmers are relishing the timely relief that recent rains provided most of Georgia's major row crops. Overall, experts say this is the best crops have looked in three years.

0026 Rainy Summer Giving Way to Drought? 00C8 (July 24, 2001) - Julian Williams is facing an old enemy that just won't go away: drought. "We're in bad need of some rain now," Williams said as he cut a customer's pasture for hay.

002D Drought Becomes Visible Again in Georgia 00BA (August 29, 2001) - A dry August has allowed Georgia's long-running drought to become visible again as pastures, row crops, lawns and gardens suffer from lack of water.

002C Threat of Drought-fueled Wildfires High 00B3 (November 9, 2001) - The deepening drought in Georgia is creating high serious wildfire problems, record low stream flows and low reservoir and groundwater levels.

0027 Days Without Rain Near Local Records 266C (November 21, 2001) - The number of consecutive days with little or no rainfall is reaching record levels in Georgia. Preliminary analysis by the Office of the State Climatologists indicates that Columbus has broken its record of days with 0.01 inches or less of rain.

(Brad Haire is the former news editor with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)

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