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Best Management Practices for Landscape Water Conservation B 1329

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Freddie Clinton Waltz, Extension Specialist - Turfgrass
Gary L. Wade, Extension Horticulturist - Horticulture


Published on Feb 15, 2011.

This publication is under review and is not currently available. Contact the author(s) for more information about this publication.


Landscape water conservation Best Management Practices (BMPs) are practices that integrate plant selection, plant adaptation, irrigation, cultural and management practices, and a change in the acceptable expectations of plant performance under sub-optimal water conditions. The primary objective of these BMPs is to reduce landscape water use — not just during periods of drought, but throughout the entire growing season. Water conservation is an improvement in water use efficiency, not the temporary responses to periodic drought. BMPs are designed to be economical, practical, and sustainable while maintaining a healthy, functional landscape — a landscape that capitalizes on the environmental benefits of plant systems.

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