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Zell Miller

Zell Miller
D.W. Brooks Lecture Date: 10/04/1999

Lecture Title: "Georgia: Gains and Gaps"

About the Guest Speaker

Former Georgia Governor Zell Miller was the featured speaker at the 1999 D.W. Brooks Lecture. In his presentation, "Georgia: Gains and Gaps," Miller said while Georgia is making great strides in attracting new business and developing a booming economy, but some Georgians are being left behind.

"No other generation of Georgians," Miller said, "has ever been in such a promising position. We are the most dynamic state in the most dynamic region in the most dynamic economy in the world."

Miller said he doesn't like to think of the down side. "But ahead I can see a hazardous split in our road," he said. "Along one path we will find anger, tension and increasing gaps between the haves and the have-nots. And I'm not talking only about a racial division. A class division scares me far more."